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10 Nourishing Breakfast Recipes To Kick-Start Your Day

From breakfast cookies to a gorgeous chia-raspberry yogurt parfait, starting your day with a wholesome meal just got way more interesting.
10 Nourishing Breakfast Recipes To Kick-Start Your Day

Photo, Erik Putz.

Rise and shine knowing you can dig into something simple, that's also hearty and delicious. From make-ahead parfaits to breakfast cookies, bagel bites and even a chocolate-tahini breakfast smoothie, there's no reason to start the day hungry—even if you're in a hurry. Get inspired with the 10 nourishing breakfast recipes below:

Peanut butter and raspberry jam chia parfait

A make-ahead breakfast that’s easy to grab when you’re in a hurry or have a busy work day in front of you. Packed with protein and fresh fruit, this chia parfait is a great way to start the day. Get our peanut butter and raspberry jam chia parfait recipe.

Peanut butter and raspberry jam chia parfait in mason jarPhoto, Erik Putz.

Blueberry granola breakfast cookies

Yes, with the right ingredients, you CAN have cookies for breakfast. Here we’ve mixed a homemade granola of oats, pumpkin seeds, coconut and flax, and turned it into a breakfast cookies recipe that helps you take on the day well-fed and with a smile on your face. Get our blueberry granola breakfast cookies recipe.

Blueberry granola breakfast cookies cooling on a rackPhoto, Erik Putz.

Cream cheese-stuffed bagel bites

For those days when you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a freshly toasted bagel, these bagel bites are here for you. Make them in advance and keep them for up to five days (the recipe makes 48, so we’re pretty confident they’ll last you all—or most—of the week). Get our cream cheese-stuffed bagel bites recipe.

Cream cheese-stuffed bagel bites in a basketPhoto, Erik Putz.

Cocoa and tahini breakfast smoothies

Not all smoothies must be green. This richly flavoured (and healthy) take gets your day started with a touch of nuttiness, smooth chocolate and creamy banana. Get our cocoa and tahini breakfast smoothie recipe.

Cocoa Breakfast Smoothies In tall glasses with strawsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Green goddess egg salad sandwich

This egg salad sandwich is filled with lots of fresh flavour thanks to a mix of herbs, like basil and tarragon. It might just be your new favourite breakfast sandwich. Get our green goddess egg salad sandwich recipe.

Green goddess egg salad sandwichPhoto, Erik Putz.

Oatmeal stuffed apples

A drizzle of honey makes these oatmeal-stuffed apples even tastier! (This is basically the breakfast version of apple crisp.) Get our oatmeal stuffed apples recipe.

Oatmeal stuffed applesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Peanut butter breakfast bars

Packed with super-seeds, these bars are the perfect grab-and-go snack. Get our peanut butter breakfast bars recipe.

peanut butter seed barsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Breakfast power bar

Tuck one of these chewy, sweet and nutty bars into your purse or gym bag—you’ll never buy the packaged ones again. Get our breakfast power bar recipe.

Easy Workday snack recipes: Breakfast power barPhoto, Erik Putz.

Matcha chia pudding

Make-ahead pudding that covers all the breakfast bases: healthy vegetables (spinach), protein (soy milk and chia), fruit (banana), and little honey to sweeten. Get our matcha chia pudding recipe.

Matcha chia pudding recipe in cups on a gold platterPhoto, Erik Putz.

Overnight chia oatmeal

Make it the night before, and breakfast is ready in less than five minutes! Perfect for days when you're on the run. Get our overnight chia oatmeal recipe.

Overnight Chia OatmealPhoto, Erik Putz.

How to make overnight chia oatmeal

Originally posted January 2019; Updated January 2022.


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