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The 23 Best Side Salad Recipes For Summer Barbecues

Whether you serve our warm Greek potato salad, classic macaroni salad or homemade coleslaw, these sides won't last long.
The 23 Best Side Salad Recipes For Summer Barbecues

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Side salads are the backbone of a great summer barbecue—they add colour, variety and fresh flavour to the main table, breaking up heavy servings of grilled meat. So for your next weekend meal, go all out and load up a paper plate or two with salads that celebrate the best of the season. Tip: Don't be afraid to make extra, even if you're only cooking for family or a small socially distanced group — many of these salads will keep well in the fridge (hello leftovers!).

Scroll through our favourite summer side salad recipes:

Chimichurri Grilled Potato Salad

If you’re not grilling your potatoes for potato salad, you’re doing it wrong. Pair with our reverse-sear steak. Get this chimichurri grilled potato salad.

side salad recipes: grilled potato salad on a green plate Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Thai basil and cilantro salad

You won’t be able to stop picking at this refreshing salad filled with lightly pickled veggies. Pair with our grilled satay tofu skewers. Get this Thai basil and cilantro salad recipe.

cucumber, carrot and onion Thai basil salad Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Chive and napa cabbage salad

You’ll love this take on a classic coleslaw. Pair with our teriyaki chicken wings. Get this chive and napa cabbage salad recipe.

Cabbage in a wooden bowl Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Okra & Tomato Salad (Ensaladang Okra at Kamatis)

Okra is well-used and requested all year round in the Philippines: it can be tossed in salad, stewed, or braised. Rich tomatoes and bright okra are a perfect pair for this delicious dish, plus our cooking method gets rid of the slimy texture. Get this Okra & Tomato Salad recipe.

Overhead shot of a bowl filled with okra and tomato salad on a green leafy background Photo, Ashley Capp. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Rayna Marlee Schwartz.

Mint cauliflower tabbouleh

Finely chopped cauliflower replaces the bulgur in this classic Middle Eastern salad. Pair with our harissa and za’atar grilled lamb chops. Get this mint cauliflower tabbouleh recipe.

cauliflower tabbouleh on a green table cloth Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Tarragon, grilled fennel and apple salad

Tarragon leaves pair perfectly with the fruits and veggies in this salad. Pair with our grilled honey Dijon salmon fillets. Get this tarragon, grilled fennel and apple salad.

Grilled apple salad on a stoneware plate Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Mango Slaw (Atsarang Mangga)

In the Philippines, this dish is made with grated green papaya. We’ve decided to go with mango, as it's a little easier to find. Get this Mango Slaw recipe.

Overhead shot of a pile of mango slaw sitting on a bed of rice on a leafy green background Photo, Ashley Capp. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Rayna Marlee Schwartz.

Tuna panzanella salad

This brightly coloured salad, made with multi-grain bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and flaked tuna, will complement any barbecue table (but it can also hold its own as a main dish!). Get this tuna panzanella salad recipe.

Summer dinner recipes like this Tuna panzanella salad are irresistible. Served in large white bowl on a circular wooden platter Photo, Erik Putz.

Carrot, halloumi and chickpea salad

While halloumi cheese is great when grilled, we like to add it, uncooked, to this carrot and chickpea salad for a more muted flavour. Get this carrot, halloumi and chickpea salad recipe. 

Carrot, halloumi and chickpea salad recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Greek potato salad

Give your potato salad a Mediterranean spin with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and a lemon-oregano dressing. Get this Greek potato salad recipe.

Greek potato salad Photo, Erik Putz.

Spiced melon salad recipe

This savoury melon salad is a popular offering at street-food carts in Mexico, and is sure to be a hit at your next barbecue, too. Get this spiced melon salad recipe.

Spiced melon salad recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Classic Coleslaw

This simple slaw has just the right amount of creaminess. Pair it with barbecued chicken, or add it to pulled pork sandwiches. Get this classic coleslaw recipe.

Classic coleslaw recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Best bean salad recipe

Sugar snap peas, along with fresh and canned beans, gives this salad a satisfying crunch. Get this bean salad recipe.

Best mixed bean salad recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Classic macaroni salad

This crowd-pleaser is a major improvement from the versions you find at the grocery store, and makes the perfect side for a summer barbecue. Get this classic macaroni salad recipe.

Classic macaroni pasta salad recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Turkish salad with mint and feta

Loaded with baby spinach, cucumber, lentils and tomatoes, this dish adds a touch of Turkish inspiration to the salad table. Get this Turkish salad with mint and feta recipe.

Turkish salad recipe with lentils, mint and feta Photo, Sian Richards.

Nordic potato salad

This crunchy, satisfying salad uses tart apple (you'll love it) and gherkin pickle (our favourite in potato salad) to balance out the rich cream dressing. Baby red potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and a generous amount of dill fronds bring it all together. Get this Nordic potato salad recipe.

Nordic potato salad Photo, Erik Putz.

Shaved asparagus salad

You’ll fight over the leftovers for this salad of tender-crisp asparagus, sharp parmesan and toasted pine nuts. Get this shaved asparagus salad recipe.

Shaved asparagus with pine nuts on white plate. Photo, Erik Putz.

Baby-Red-Potato Salad

Red potatoes not only add a vibrant pop of colour to this classic side dish, they also hold their shape better than other varieties so leftovers (if there are any!) will be equally fantastic. Get this baby-red-potato salad recipe.

A platter of baby red potato salad on a table next to a green salad and a bowl of vinaigrette (Photo: John Cullen)

Summer-Corn Pasta Salad

Fresh vegetables, citrusy vinaigrette and a kick of jalapeño make this sunny pasta salad a staple for weeknight dinners and family barbecues. Get this summer-corn pasta salad recipe.

Summer corn pasta salad in a white bowl with red trim, topped with edamame, green onions, jalapeños and fresh basil, next to a pallet of red and white straws and a bottle of rose lemonade on a picnic table (Photo: Angus Fergusson)

Black rice and edamame salad

We’ve added cilantro, edamame and shiitake mushrooms to black rice to turn it into a beautiful salad. It’s an easy way to load up your plate with extra colour and fresh flavours. Get this black rice and edamame salad recipe.

The 23 Best Side Salad Recipes For Summer Barbecues Photo, John Cullen.

Heirloom caprese salad

Enjoy the fresh simplicity of summer tomatoes with cheese. Get this heirloom caprese salad recipe.

Heirloom caprese salad Photo, Robert Caruso

Grilled eggplant salad

Charred eggplant, fresh tomatoes and capers mean every mouthful is brimming with flavour. Get this grilled eggplant salad recipe.

Grilled-eggplant-salad-0-l[1] Photo, Angus Fergusson.

Herbed brown rice salad

Packed with herbs, zesty citus and tender-crisp brown rice, this lettuce-less salad is a refreshing barbecue side. Get this herbed brown rice salad recipe.

Herbed brown rice salad Photo, Angus Fergusson.


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