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32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Have a chocolate craving? These recipes should help.
32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Produced by Aimee Nishitoba, Photography by Christie Vuong, Food Styling by Eshun Mott, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari.

Indulge in everything from rich cakes to elegant tarts, delicate mousses and airy soufflés this month. (Your Valentine will thank you.)

Find your new favourite chocolate dessert recipes in the gallery below.

Chocolate-Almond Pretzels

These decadent sweet hearts are the love child of crossiants and pretzels—and are so easy to prepare! (We layered semi-sweet chocolate inside and drizzled milk chocolate on top, but any combo works.) Get our chocolate-almond cretzel recipe.

Four chocolate-almond heart-shaped cretzels on a baking sheet; chocolate almond heart cretzel recipe(Photo: Erik Putz)

Gilded Chocolate Cakelets

The cool shiver of mint added to the chocolate feels practically made for wintertime. It’s like sunshine glinting off a snowbank. These fudgy treats are ideal partners with an espresso as an afternoon pick-me-up or to end the night. —Tara O’Brady

Get our gilded chocolate cakelets recipe.

Four gilded chocolate cakelets on a cake dishProduced by Chantal Braganza and Sun Ngo; Photography by Maya Visnyei; Food Styling by Eshun Mott; Prop Styling by Catherine Doherty

Grand Marnier Chocolate Torte

Readers requested this citrusy layered cake recipe from the 1970s so often that we reprinted it in 2000. Now we’re doing so again—with a little ’70s swagger in the decoration.

Get our grand marnier chocolate torte recipe here.

A grand marnier chocolate torte cake presented on a cake dishCake design by Shannon Nocos, Produced by Chantal Braganza and Sun Ngo, Photography by Christie Vuong, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari, Food Styling by Michelle Lucas Larving.

Chocolate Mousse Pie

One of my favourite desserts growing up in the ’80s was chocolate-pudding pie, which was made from a pudding package and topped with artificial whipped cream from a tub. It was good. But this is better. Thankfully, it still hits all those nostalgia high notes. (Note: This is made in the French chocolate-mousse tradition, so it contains raw eggs.)—Amy Rosen

Get our chocolate mousse pie recipe here.

A chocolate mousse pie set atop a pink tableclothProduced by Aimee Nishitoba, Photography by Christie Vuong, Food Styling by Eshun Mott, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari.

Guinness Cake With Cloud Icing

Decorating tip: Use the back of a cereal spoon to create smooth decorative peaks and swirls on the meringue. Get our Guinness cake with cloud icing recipe.

Guinness Cake With Cloud Icing on a blue stand.

Tequila-Poached Pears With Chili-Chocolate Sauce

Spoonably soft fruit and a velvety chocolate sauce get spiked with tequila and cayenne. Poach pears ahead of time for a quick dessert or skip the sauce and use a drinking chocolate mix instead, which is thicker than typical hot chocolate. Soma and ChocoSol make great Canadian options. —Chantal Braganza

Get our tequila-poached pears with chili-chocolate sauce recipe.

Chili-chocolate sourced being poured over Tequila-poached pearsProduced by Stephanie Han Kim; Photography by Christie Vuong; Food Styling by Matthew Kimura; Prop Styling by Christine Hanlon.

Chocolate Orange And Vanilla Cardamom Barfi

I’m adopting this classic pairing of chocolate and orange and applying it to our traditional barfi recipe so it’s modern, exquisite and exceptionally decadent with vanilla, dark chocolate and a hint of juicy citrus. —Preena Chauhan, co-author, New Indian Basics: 100 Traditional and Modern Recipes From Arvinda’s Family Kitchen

Get our chocolate orange and vanilla cardamom barfi recipe.

Chocolate and orange barfi beside a cookbookPhotography by Reena Newman. Excerpted from New Indian Basics: 100 Traditional and Modern Recipes From Arvinda’s Family Kitchen by Preena Chauhan and Arvinda Chauhan. Copyright © 2022 Preena Chauhan. Cover and Book Design by Andrew Roberts. Photography by Reena Newman. Published in Canada by Appetite by Random House, a Division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. Reproduced by Arrangement With the Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

Chocolate Pudding Cake

This cozy confection—decadent cake enrobed in a silken sauce—provides a delicious finale to dinner this Valentine’s Day. Serve it up in individual dishes or dig right in. Get our chocolate pudding cake recipe.

Chocolate pudding cake with ice cream on topPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Oatmeal)

Growing up, I’d wake up to the smell of chocolate instead of bacon and start my day with a bowl of champorado, a Filipino rice porridge. It felt illegal to eat something so decadent for breakfast: soft glutinous rice swimming in chocolate soup, made by dissolving tablea (tablets of ground roasted cocoa beans) in boiling water, and topped with evaporated milk. Our recipe is inspired by the original, using oatmeal instead of rice. — Isabelle Docto

Get our champorado (Filipino chocolate oatmeal) recipe.

A yellow bowl of chocolate oatmeal on a table with a colourful pattern.(Recipe by Irene Ngo; Produced by Stephanie Han Kim; Photography by Erik Putz; Food styling by Ashley Denton; Prop styling by Madeleine Johari.)

Puffed Wheat Squares With Chocolate Drizzle

Most recipes I’ve come across are chocolate-based, with a dash of cocoa powder and corn syrup. My mom’s version uses honey caramel and a touch of salt instead. This is her recipe, with a chocolate drizzle for extra indulgence.—Haley Polinsky

Get our puffed wheat squares with chocolate drizzle recipe.

squares of puffed wheat squares drizzled in chocolateProduced by Aimee Nishitoba; photo by Christie Vuong; food styling by Ashley Denton.

Chocolate Cupcake With Chocolate Buttercream Icing

Who doesn’t love a double chocolate cupcake? (They’re a classic for a reason.) Get our chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing recipe.

chocolate cupcake recipe with buttercream icingPhoto, Erik Putz.

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate-Covered Coconut Bars

Skip grabbing a chocolate bar from the grocery store and try out this easy, elevated chocolate-covered coconut bar. Get our vegan no-bake chocolate-covered coconut bars recipe.

A stack of chocolate-covered coconut bars on a pink backgroundPhotography by Erik Putz; Food styling by John Kruusi; Prop styling by Madeleine Johari

Strawberry-Chocolate Cake

Strawberries and chocolate are a match made in heaven, so why not marry the flavours in this decadent, delicious cake? Get our strawberry-chocolate cake recipe.

Chocolate cake with strawberry icing in front of a floral back dropPhoto, Erik Putz.

Chocolate Mousse

If dipping a spoon into a smooth and creamy chocolate dip is more your speed, try our chocolate mousse recipe.

chocolate mousse with whipped cream in bowls and cupsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Salted Caramel And Chocolate Tart

It will be love at first bite when you taste the rich chocolate ganache, gooey caramel, buttery crust and delicate sprinkling of pink salt that make up this sinfully good dessert. Get our salted caramel and chocolate tart recipe.

A salted caramel chocolate tart show from above with one slice cut out of it and a serving utensil next to it on a white plate(Photo: Erik Putz)

Chocolate Truffles

These decadent truffles are both intensely satisfying and incredibly easy to make. Get our chocolate truffle recipe.

A wreath decorated with different coloured truffles against a red background.(Recipes by Irene Ngo, Produced by Sun Ngo, Photography by Erik Putz, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari, Food Styling by Michelle Rabin)

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Who needs the store-bought stuff, when you can make this version at home? Get our homemade chocolate pudding recipe.

32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Velvety Chocolate Pie

This luscious pie can be made up to 24 hours ahead and the crust still maintains its shape and texture. Get our velvety chocolate pie recipe.

32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Whisk And Sugar’s Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These soft and fudgy vegan chocolate crinkle cookies are sure to please even the pickiest cookie or chocolate lover. Get Whisk and Sugar's vegan chocolate crinkle cookies.

Whisk and Sugar Vegan Chocolate Crinkle CookiesProduced by Radiyah Chowdhury, Irene Ngo and Aimee Nishitoba; photography by Erik Putz; food styling by Michelle Rabin; Paper art by Ali Harrison of Light + Paper

Easiest Chocolate Cake, Ever

In homage to McCain’s Deep ‘n Delicious cake, we used a star tip for the frosting. But you can also slather it on and add sprinkles for an equally special treat. Get our easiest chocolate cake, ever, recipe.

32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Mocha Biscuit Cake

Short on time (or baking know-how)? This cake—rumoured to be a favourite of Prince William’s—is the perfect, eye-pleasing dessert. Get our mocha biscuit cake recipe.

A mocha biscuit cake with one slice cut out of it(Photo: Erik Putz)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This classic snack coated in dark chocolate and pistachios is perfect for all ages. Get our chocolate covered pretzels recipe.

A plate of chocolate covered pretzels on a table next to a chess board and a drink(Recipes by Irene Ngo, Produced by Sun Ngo, Photography by Erik Putz, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari, Food Styling by Michelle Rabin)

Chocolate Ganache

This thick French chocolate sauce can be used as a glaze, icing or pastry filling. Get our chocolate ganache recipe.

a glass of dark chocolate ganache with blue background.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Grab a few spoons and dig in! (Or you can cut it into triangles, if that’s your thing.) Get our skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe.

A skillet chocolate chip cookie with a piece sliced out of it in a cast-iron skillet topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream

Mocha Ice Cream Cake

It takes just five ingredients and 25 minutes to whip up this unforgettable no-bake ice cream cake. Laced with espresso and topped with candy-shop chocolates, it’s the ultimate treat! Get our mocha ice cream cake recipe.

Mocha ice cream cake on a white cake stand covered with malteasers next to a vase of pink flowers(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Double-Chocolate Brownie Cookies

These irresistible cookies strike the perfect balance between fudgy chew on the inside and crispy crackle on the outside. Get our double-chocolate brownie cookie recipe.

32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan Pie

Truly decadent! And it can be made a day in advance to save time. (Just be sure to keep it chilled overnight.) Get our chocolate-bourban pecan pie recipe.

A chocolate bourbon pecan pie with a braided crust on a wood table(Photo: Sian Richards)

Triple-Chocolate Brownies

Why use melted butter in this recipe? Since it has already released much of its water content, it makes the finished brownies soft and dense, as well as flavourful. Get our triple-chocolate brownie recipe.

Triple chocolate brownies, made with dark and white chocolate chips, plus cocoa and bittersweet chocolate, dusted with powdered sugar on a blue serving plate next to a cup of black coffee on a rustic wood table(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Dark Chocolate Soufflés With Cream

There’s no better time than winter to savour a darkly decadent dessert. Topped with whipped cream, these individual treats will put you on cloud nine. Get our dark chocolate soufflé with cream recipe.

32 Decadent And Delicious Chocolate RecipesPhoto, Angus Fergusson.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Fudge Cake

Have a gluten-free Valentine at home? Treat them to this delicious cake–no one will be able to tell the difference. Get our gluten-free chocolate fudge cake recipe.

Gluten free chocolate fudge cake from bundt mold with sliced piecePhoto, Michael Alberstat

Gluten Free Brownies

Dark and fudgy brownies are always a hit–plus, they can be made a bit ahead of time so you don’t have to rush around the kitchen after dinner. Get our gluten-free brownie recipe.

A stack of gluten free brownies drizzled with chocolate and powdered sugar(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

How to make the easiest-ever chocolate cake


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