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21 Easy Ways To Use Frozen Fruit

Preserved at peak freshness, these affordable fruits have a lot to offer in the kitchen.
21 Easy Ways To Use Frozen Fruit

Photo, Erik Putz.

In the depths of winter, fresh fruit (that tastes good) can be hard to find, and imported fruit (0r greenhouse produce) is hard to count on for flavour. But frozen fruit is something to take advantage of: it's preserved at the peak of ripeness, and brings a little summer sunshine into the sometimes grim winter pantry. Here are just a few ways to take advantage of frozen fruit this winter:

Frozen raspberries: Swirled raspberry cheesecake bars

The secret to the gorgous finish? Dollops of raspberry coulis in the batter, swirled in before baking. Get our swirled raspberry cheesecake bar recipe.

Swirled raspberry cheesecake bars Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Frozen raspberries: Power beet smoothie

A beet smoothie for breakfast? Absolutely! Blend them up with frozen banana and raspberries with a bit of Greek yogurt for a tasty start to the day. Get our power beet smoothie recipe.

power beet smoothie Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen raspberries: Peanut butter and jam oatmeal

Frozen raspberries make up the bright berry jam swirl we added to this retro PB & J take on breakfast oatmeal. Get our peanut butter and jam oatmeal recipe.

Breakfast oatmeal: Peanut butter and jam oatmeal Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen raspberries: Raspberry and streusel coffee cake

The name’s a bit misleading: This casual, not-too-sweet cake isn’t coffee-flavoured, it’s meant to be enjoyed with coffee instead. Get our raspberry and streusel coffee cake recipe.

A raspberry streusel coffee cake on a white plate with a piece cut out of it to one side on a smaller white plate (Photo: Erik Putz)

Frozen raspberries: Bushberry pudding cake

Raspberries add a dose of antioxidants and give this dessert its sweet-tart taste. Drizzle whisky-butter sauce over warm cake and top with whipped cream. Get our bushberry pudding cake recipe.

Bushberry pudding cake in a baking pan. (Photography: Angus Fergusson. Food styling: David Grenier. Prop styling: Sasha Seymour)

Frozen raspberries: Raspberry Cordial

A homegrown alternative to lemonade, this refreshing drink works just as well with frozen fruit as fresh. Get our Raspberry Cordial recipe.

A pitcher of ice-filled raspberry cordial and two glasses, garnished with lemons, on a newspaper backdrop (Photo: Erik Putz; Produced by: Sun Ngo; Food styling: Ashley Denton; Prop styling: Madeleine Johari)

Frozen raspberries: Avocado pound cake with raspberry glaze

This cake offers the health benefits of avocado and raspberries in a very pretty, technicoloured dessert. Get our avocado pound cake recipe.

Avocado pound cake with raspberry glaze with two slices cut off on a white rectangular serving plate next to a bowl of raspberry glaze on top of a sketch of two avocados (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Frozen blueberries: Easy blueberry crumb cake

An ultra-simple crumb cake to serve after dinner with tea and coffee. Get our blueberry crumb cake recipe.

Easy blueberry crumb cake with coffee Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen blueberries: Streusel crunch blueberry muffins

With a crispy streusel topping, tons of berries and a hint of nutty whole wheat, these aren’t your everyday blueberry muffins. Bonus: They’re deliciously moist inside! Get our blueberry muffins recipe.

Streusel-crunch blueberry muffins wrapped in muffin papers in a muffin tin with one empty slot on a red and white embroidered tea towel (Photo: Jodi Pudge)

Frozen blueberries: Blueberry-lemon cheesecake bars

The berries, lemon and cream cheese make this the perfect East-coast inspired treat. Get our blueberry-lemon cheesecake bars recipe.

Blueberry lemon cheesecake bars Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Frozen blueberries: Berry bliss pudding

This tasty frozen blueberry and bread pudding can be made up to a day in advance, which makes it great for entertaining. Get our berry bliss pudding recipe.

21 Easy Ways To Use Frozen Fruit Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Frozen bananas: Best Banana Bread Recipe

Save those over-ripe bananas in the freezer, then defrost them when you’re craving banana bread. (Hint: Over-ripe bananas give the bread that boost of banana flavour you want.) Get our banana bread recipe.

best banana bread recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen bananas: Chocolate-Walnut Banana Bread

Our revamped recipe has everything you love about banana bread—and it turns out whole-wheat flour, flax seeds (and rum) make the original taste even better. Get our chocolate-walnut banana bread recipe.

A loaf of chocolate-walnut banana bread drizzled with chocolate on a cooling rack next to a spoon coated with chocolate and a pink fabric napkin (Photo: Michael Alberstat)

Frozen bananas: Banana chocolate-chip ice cream

This may well be the creamiest (and fastest) ice cream you’ve ever made. Get our banana chocolate-chip ice cream recipe.

21 Easy Ways To Use Frozen Fruit Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Frozen strawberries: Strawberry-Rose Sorbet

This sorbet is really easy to make: just whirl frozen strawberries in a food processor with sugar, rosewater and lemon juice until smooth, and voila! A simple, refreshing dessert. Get our strawberry-rose sorbet recipe.

strawberry-rose sorbet in three glass ice cream dishes on a blue bowl Strawberry-Rose Sorbet. Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen strawberries: Red berry smoothie bowl

Simplify your morning with an energizing smoothie bowl. This easy, eye-pleasing meal begins with a fruit and yogurt base and is packed with protein, fibre and vitamins. Get the red berry smoothie bowl recipe.

Red berry smoothie bowl Photo, Sian Richards.

Frozen mixed berries: Apple berry brown betty

This sweet-tangy dish is loaded with fruits, making it a healthy (and tasty) treat for dessert. Best part: it’s really easy to make. Get our apple berry brown betty recipe.

21 Easy Ways To Use Frozen Fruit Photo, John Cullen.

Frozen mixed berries: Berry blast smoothie bowl

This easy, eye-pleasing smoothie bowl will energize you and simplify your morning. It starts with a fruit and yogurt base and is packed with protein, fibre and vitamins. Get our berry blast smoothie recipe.

Berry blast smoothie bowl Photo, Sian Richards.

Frozen mango (and banana): Superfood green smoothie

Loaded with spinach, mango, frozen banana, chia seeds and matcha powder, this superfood green smoothie is a breakfast time winner. Get our superfood green smoothie recipe.

superfood green smoothie Photo, Erik Putz.

Frozen mango (and banana): Tropical sorbet

Transport yourself to an island paradise with our sorbet recipe. Made with frozen mango and bananas, it’s ready in just 5 minutes. Get our tropical sorbet recipe.

Instant tropical banana and mango sorbet Photo, Sian Richards.

Frozen mango (and banana): Tropical twist smoothie bowl

This easy meal begin with a frozen fruit and yogurt base. It's the perfect pared-down breakfast to keep your mornings stress-free. Get our tropical twist smoothie bowl recipe.

Tropical twist smoothie bowl Photo, Sian Richards.

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