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The 20 best recipes of 2015

From slow-cooked French onion soup to sneaky brownies and our favourite vanilla cake, we're counting down the best recipes of the year.
The 20 best recipes of 2015

Slow-cooker french onion soup. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)

Top recipes of 2015

20. Banana-caramel cream pie

Creamy, with hits of caramel and crunchy chocolate toffee, this over-the-top pie is nothing short of spectacular.
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banana cream pie with cookie toppingPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

19. Rhubarb curd

How to extend the all-too-short rhubarb season? Make curd! This genius idea was inspired by lemon curd — just sub in rhubarb. Spread it on pancakes, spoon it into little meringues, fold it into whipped cream — or just eat it from the jar. Get the recipe.
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Rhubarb curdPhoto, Sian Richards.

18. French onion macaroni and cheese

We didn’t know we could love macaroni and cheese any more than we already do. Then we tasted this recipe. More: Best cheesy pasta recipes.

Best baked pasta: French onion macaroni and cheesePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

17. Whole-roasted cauliflower with tomato-pepper sauce

Whole roasted cauliflower has recently become the darling of trendy restaurants, and with good reason: Not only is it stunning, it’s also easy and delicious. Get the recipe.
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roasted cauliflower with tomato-pepper saucePhoto, Erik Putz.

16. Garlicky chicken fried rice

The trick to this easy dish is using day-old rice (freshly cooked rice will turn it into glop). But, if you want to make it today: Cook rice, spread it on a baking sheet and cool it in the fridge. Get the recipe.
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chicken fried rice served in wokPhoto, Erik Putz.

15. Onion quiche in a potato crust

We first came up with this idea for a friend who loves quiche but is allergic to gluten, and it’s a house favourite for everyone now.
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Onion quiche in a potato crustPhoto, Erik Putz.

14. Classic vanilla cake

Introducing the only cake we ever make! It’s easy, fast and spectacular. It looks best in two 8-in. cake pans; to use 9-in. pans, decrease the baking time to 30 min. Get the recipe.
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Classic vanilla cake on wooden cake stand in front of dark backgroundPhoto, Erik Putz.

13. Apple-blueberry superfood crumble

We added heart-healthy walnuts, fibre-rich flax and crunchy pepitas to the traditional oats and sugar topping. Get the recipe.
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apple blueberry superfood crumblePhoto, Erik Putz.

12. Black bean chocolate cake.

No one will ever guess what’s in this cake. Get the recipe.
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The 20 best recipes of 2015Photo, Roberto Caruso.

11. Small-batch chocolate chip cookies

This recipe yields just four cookies, making it the perfect little indulgence for after dinner. Get the recipe.
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easy desserts: Small-batch chocolate chip cookiesPhoto, Sian Richards.

10. Kung Pao chicken stir fry

This delicious soy-sherry sauce works just as well with pork or firm tofu. As with all stir-fries, have all ingredients prepped and measured before starting to cook. Get the recipe.
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How to make a stir-fry: chicken stir fry served with ricePhoto, Erik Putz.

9. Chocolate-zucchini muffins

These chocolate muffins get a boost from a secret ingredient — grated zucchini. (And you can’t even tell it’s in there.) Get the recipe.
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Muffin recipes: Chocolate and zucchini muffinsPhoto, Erik Putz.

8. Slow cooker gingery chicken congee

This simple but delicious rice porridge is a classic Asian breakfast and a test-kitchen staff favourite. It’s especially good for anyone who prefers savoury over sweet on a chilly morning. It’s great in a thermal container on a ski trip too. Get the recipe.
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Gingery chicken congeePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

7. Slow cooker french onion soup

This is one of our favourite comfort foods, and preparing it in the slow cooker makes it that much easier. For a stovetop version, caramelize the onions and salt over medium until dark golden. Add flour, then vermouth, broth and water, and simmer, covered, for at least 30 min. Get the recipe.
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Slow-cooker french onion soupPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

6. Overnight Chia Oatmeal

Assemble the night before, then the next morning, breakfast is ready — in just five minutes.
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Overnight Chia OatmealPhoto, Erik Putz.

5. Fruit and nut oatmeal

Slow cooked oatmeal is the original comforting stick-to-your ribs breakfast. Use any combination of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, and feel free to skip the milk (just stir in some extra water after the oats are cooked).
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Slow cooker breakfast recipes: Fruit and nut oatmealPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

4. Old-fashioned date sqaures

Delicious date squares are a simple blend of brown sugar, oats, butter and sweet dates – a comforting treat for a cozy winter afternoon. If there’s a baked-goods equivalent to a hug, this is it.
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The 20 best recipes of 2015Photo, Roberto Caruso.

3. Chocolate-beet brownies

Grated beets are hidden away in these chocolatey brownies adding a big boost of folate. Get the recipe.
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four chocolate-beet brownies stacked on parchment paperPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

2. Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl bread

Swirled with cinnamon-sugar and raisins, this homemade loaf will add an especially sweet note to your next breakfast. Get the recipe.
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Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl breadPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

1. Maple-bacon French toast

Challah bread is ideal for this recipe – it’s sturdy enough to stand up to long cooking. We like the subtle sweetness of this dish but really love it served with lots of maple syrup. Get the recipe.
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Maple syrup season: Maple-bacon French toastPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

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