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19 Delicious Banana Recipes

And only two are banana bread.
19 Delicious Banana Recipes

Photo, Erik Putz.

Banana bread recipes may take the crown when it comes to using up extra bananas, but there's so much more this fruit has to offer. So if you've got some bananas ripening on the counter, here are 15 ways to use up those bananas, from ice cream to cream pies. Tip: If you don't have time to use up your bananas, simply peel them, slice into 1-inch pieces, bag them, and freeze them for later use.

Banana muffins

Got some overripe bananas still sitting on your counter? Bake a batch of these beauties to get you through the next few days. Get the banana muffins recipe.

Banana muffins on a cooling rack with a dish of butterPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Cocoa breakfast smoothie

Not all smoothies must be green. This richly flavoured (and healthy) take gets your day started with a touch of nuttiness, smooth chocolate and creamy banana. Get the cocoa breakfast smoothie recipe.

Cocoa Breakfast Smoothies In tall glasses with strawsPhoto, Erik Putz.


Banana coconut cream pie

A tropical twist on this classic dessert that perfectly complements the main star of the show—bananas. Get the banana coconut cream pie recipe.

Jillian Harris cutting into a banana coconut cream piePhoto, Rachelle Beatty.

Banana bread pancakes

Banana bread and pancakes are one of our favourite breakfast hybrids (no one will be able to resist a stack of their own). Get the banana bread pancakes recipe.

a stack of banana bread pancakes with syrup being drizzled overtopPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Banana sundae tart

This nostalgic, crisp, caramel-covered confection was modelled after everyone’s favourite childhood ice-cream treat, with a decidedly more grown-up addition: bourbon-soaked cherries. Get the banana sundae tart recipe.

5-ingredient dessert: Banana sundae tart with a scoop of ice creamPhoto, Erik Putz.


Campfire bananas

When we're finally blessed with gorgeous summer days, you’ll want to cook everything on the barbie. Satisfy everyone’s summer sweet tooth with this delicious dessert. Get this campfire bananas recipe.

Bananas, chocolate, almonds and ice cream in a bowl

Banoffee tart

This easy take on the classic British dessert, banoffee pie, only takes 15 minutes to make with the help of digestive biscuits and store-bought dulce de leche. Get the banoffee tart recipe.

Banoffee tart on a platePhoto, Ryan Szulc.

Banana bonbons

Frozen banana pieces coated in chocolate make the easiest snack to keep in your freezer. Customize them with your favourite nut-and-dried-fruit combos. Get the banana bon bons recipe.

19 Delicious Banana Recipes


Grown-up PB with boozy bananas

Is this breakfast or dessert? In our humble onion, it can be either! Make this open-faced sandwich alcohol-free by using rum flavouring, or omitting it completely. Get the grown-up peanut butter with boozy bananas recipe.

Grown-up-PB-with-boozy-bananas-0-l[1]Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Banana cream pie

Creamy, with hits of caramel and crunchy chocolate toffee, this over-the-top banana cream pie is nothing short of spectacular. Get the banana-caramel cream pie recipe.

19 Delicious Banana RecipesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

No-churn banoffee ice cream

Turns out incredible homemade ice cream only requires three ingredients and no ice cream maker. Make your own DIY dulce de leche in a slow-cooker, then turn it into this decadent banana ice cream. Get the banoffee ice cream recipe.

A scoop of banoffee banana ice cream on marblePhoto, Irene Ngo.


Caramel and banana hand pies

Dulce de leche and sweet bananas make this great for dessert or brunch. Get this caramel and banana hand pies recipe.

caramel and banana hand piesPhoto, Sian Richards.

Tropical sorbet

Transport yourself to an island paradise with our low-fat instant sorbet recipe. Made with frozen mango and bananas, it's ready in just 5 minutes. Get the tropical sorbet recipe.

Tropical sorbet in three bowlsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Banana-coconut toast

Forget avocado with toast. With 13 g of protein and 8 g of fibre, this is the smartest slice around. And it takes only minutes to make. Get the banana-coconut toast recipe.

Banana-Coconut Toast on a platePhoto, Erik Putz.


Banana chocolate-chip “ice cream”

Who knew frozen bananas and a few seconds in a blender could turn into dairy-free soft serve ice cream? Get the banana chocolate chip "ice cream" recipe.

Banana chocolat nice cream in a tall glassPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Campfire bananas

Miss camping? Even if you can't go camping, you can still make this camping-inspired dessert at home on your barbecue. Get the campfire bananas recipe

Camping-inspired bananas with chocolate chips and marshmallows and ice cream in a metal dish

Best banana bread

Still craving banana bread anyway? We've got the classic recipe right here. Get our best banana bread recipe.

banana bread recipe variationsPhoto, Erik Putz.


Almond butter banana sundae

An delicious way to use up those quickly ripening bananas on your counter. Get this almond butter banana sundae recipe.

Almond butter banana sundae

Plant-based banana bread

Who knew that you didn't need eggs, milk or butter to make delicious banana bread? Get our plant-based banana bread recipe.

pan of vegan banana breadPhoto, Erik Putz.


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