13 Ways To Pack Your Bento Box With (Amazing) Food For Work

Start packing! These incredible breakfast and lunch bentos will make getting back to the daily grind a lot easier.
13 Ways To Pack Your Bento Box With (Amazing) Food For Work

Photo, @itslivb vis Instagram.

The bento box is an ideal combination of functional and stylish, making it the perfect lunch companion for kindergarteners and workplace warriors alike.

It has long been a staple of Japanese culture, elevated in the 17th century from humble beginnings into an art form, with carefully prepared meals served in ornate lacquered-wood boxes during tea parties and at the theatre. Jump to the 21st century, when the bento box started gaining popularity in the west. Segmented snack boxes are now sold at Starbucks and convenience stores, and snazzy bento boxes line the shelves of houseware shops.

The neat compartmentalization allows you to fit several mini-meals and snacks into one compact container, so you can make sure you have enough food to get you through the work day (4 p.m. munchies, anyone?). They’re also just plain fun to eat from.

But all those compartments mean owners may be seeking some combination inspiration; here are 13 bento box ideas, from on-the-go breakfasts to desk lunches and everything in between:


Take breakfast to go

So much better than a sub-par breakfast sandwich.

Homemade waffles and fruit bento

Ham and egg roll-ups, fruit salad and mini scones bento

Overnight oatmeal with fresh fruit bento

Mini pancakes and hard-boiled eggs bento


Liven up lunch time

Say no to sad desk lunches, and pack a meal you'll be looking forward to all morning.

Veggie-packed sandwiches and energy bites bento

Mini quiches, fruit salad and muffins bento

Veggies and hummus with pita bento

Chicken, rice And black bean burrito bowl bento


Get a lunch box that can do both

Now, breakfast, lunch and snacks are all in the bag.

Yogurt parfait & quinoa-veggie power bowl bento

A trio of pastas & berry-topped waffles bento

Berry smoothie bowl & pesto penne bento

Papaya-yogurt breakfast boats & couscous pilaf bento


To-go smoothie & rice paper salad rolls bento

How to make a green goddess smoothie bowl


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