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Our 12 Best Scone Recipes

Slather them with jam for breakfast or add herbs and butter to pair with a meal—warm, fresh and flaky scones can do it all.
Our 12 Best Scone Recipes


Slightly flaky and a little crumbly, the classic scone is the perfect vehicle for fresh jam, compote or cream. Or, when mixed with savoury flavours like herbs and cheese, they make a delicious breakfast or the ideal partner for a steamy bowl of soup.

Eggs In Cheddar Scones

Cheddar scones are a perfect vehicle for sunny eggs and this recipe is fast becoming a favourite weekend brunch go-to. Get this eggs in cheddar scones recipe.

cheddar cheese scone with egg on top and salad on the side on a pink plate Photo, Erik Putz.

Nadiya Hussain’s Blueberry And Lavender Scone Pizza

"These scone wedges are made in one big circle, just like a pizza. I am forever getting involved in the what-goes-first debate (cream or jam?), though to be honest, as long as neither is left off, I’m a happy girl." –Nadiya Hussain

Get Nadiya Hussain’s blueberry and lavender scone pizza recipe.

blueberry and lavender scone pizza with cream, jam and blueberries on top

Apple, Rye and Cheddar Scones with Whipped Sage Brown Butter

"These hearty scones are great for breakfast or brunch, as a side for soups or stews or paired with salad for a light lunch. Only bake as many as you need since they are best enjoyed fresh. Wrap the remaining scones individually and toss in the freezer to bake up whenever you’re in the mood." Get Camilla Wynne's apple, rye and cheddar scones with whipped sage brown butter recipe.

Six apple, rye and cheddar scones on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, served with a side of whipped sage brown butter Produced by Colleen Nicholson, Photography by Christie Vuong, Food Styling by Eshun Mott, Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari.i

Strawberry Scones

Juicy berries bursting from flaky, buttery scones (topped with compote) are simply perfection. Get this strawberry scones recipe.

Strawberry scones on cooling rack Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Cheddar Cheese Scone

These scones, plus a hearty bowl of soup, make for a perfect cold-weather meal. Get our cheddar cheese scones recipe.

Cheddar cheese scones on a cooling rack and beige coloured plate Photo, iStock.

Mascarpone Ice Cream Scone-Wich

Level up your ice cream sandwich with afternoon-tea-ready ingredients: creamy mascarpone, sliced strawberries, and, to top it all off, scones. Get this mascarpone ice cream scone-wich recipe.
Two mascarpone ice cream scone-wiches topped with sliced strawberries on a green background (Recipes: Irene Ngo, Produced by: Aimee Nishitoba; Photography: Erik Putz; Food styling: Ashley Denton; Prop Styling: Madeleine Johari)

Smitten Kitchen’s Jam-Bellied Bran Scones

"Preloading the scones with jam makes them self-contained packets of breakfast luxury. Yes, like a jelly donut but still craggy and wholesome enough that we get to enjoy them way more often," says Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman. Get this Smitten Kitchen's Jam-Bellied Bran Scones recipe.

A stack of jam-filled bran scones on parchment paper Photographs copyright © 2017 Deb Perelman.

Classic Butter Scones

The key to perfect scones is cold, grated butter—it’s what creates those beautiful flaky layers you love. For best results, grate butter or use a food processor or pastry knife to evenly distribute it through dough. Be sure to handle it as little as possible, to ensure the butter doesn’t melt before your scones go in the oven. (Note: if it starts to feel warm, just pop it into the fridge!) Get this classic butter scones recipe.

A blue plate with a scone topped with whipped cream and jam with a side of berries on a wood table with another plate with a half-eaten scone and a spoon full of jam (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Eggnog Scones

Bring eggnog to the breakfast table with buttery, sugar-sprinkled scones. Get this eggnog scones recipe.

Two eggnog lattes and two eggnog scones on a blue plate on a wood table (Photo: Erik Putz)

Flaky Cornmeal Cheddar Scones

The bottoms of these scones are coated with cornmeal before baking, giving them a pleasant crunch. (Bonus: They make a great base for eggs Benedict.) Get this flaky cornmeal cheddar scones recipe.

Our 12 Best Scone Recipes

White Chocolate Scones

Top these delicious oven-baked scones with yogurt creme fraîche for a delectably creamy treat. Get this white chocolate scones recipe.

white chocolate scones with jan on circular wooden board White chocolate scones

Chocolate Mini-Egg Scones

We love a scone, and if we had our way, every gathering would feature one! At the bakery we have created hundreds of scone variations over the years, but we rarely do a chocolate base. Cocoa powder can tend to dry out baked goods, and it took us some testing to get the right balance to make this scone super chocolatey but still moist. Mini eggs provide an extra-crunchy exterior and a sweeter flavour than in traditional scones. — Nickey Miller and Josie Rudderham, Cake & Loaf bakery in Hamilton, Ont.

Get this chocolate Mini-Egg scones recipe.

Our 12 Best Scone Recipes

How to make our classic scone recipe at home


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