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24 Different Ways To Use Soft Tortillas

The taco may reign supreme, but there’s also tostadas, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas (to name a few).

Wrap it, toast it, stuff it or fry it? Here’s the difference between a few of the dishes that use soft tortillas.

What is a taco?

Hard or soft tortillas wrapped or folded around meats, seafoods, vegetables and cheese, with an assortment of garnishes, ranging from guacamole to cilantro, onions and more.

What is a tostada?

Spanish for “toasted,” this dish is typically served with a crisply toasted base.

What is a fajita?

A term used within Tex-Mex cuisine; tortillas are often served on a hot platter with grilled meats, fresh vegetables and sauces.

What is a quesadilla?

Tortillas filled with a variety of ingredients, from meats to vegetables and cheeses, that are folded in half and grilled to crisp up the outside and warmed through.

What is an enchilada?

A tortilla rolled and stuffed with a variety of ingredients, then covered in sauce (usually tomato-chilli).

What is a burrito?

Tortillas, stuffed with a variety of ingredients (from refried beans and meat, to add-ons like rice, vegetables and sour cream), that are wrapped or folded into a cylinder and lightly grilled.

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