15 Fresh Blackberry Recipes For Peak Season

Enjoy blackberries this season in every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner and dessert.
15 Fresh Blackberry Recipes For Peak Season

You need a waffle iron to make this brunch-time staple. Photo, Erik Putz.

In August, blackberries hit their peak. Take advantage and turn these juicy gems into tasty jams, freeze them for later in the year or simply eat them by themselves. Need some inspiration? We've got 15 must-make recipes for you to try below.

Blackberry recipes

Plum and blackberry cobbler

The not-too-sweet, crunchy biscuit topping provides great texture and a nice balanced flavour. Get this plum and blackberry cobbler recipe.

Plum cobbler recipePhoto, Erik Putz.

Whole Wheat Waffles With Blackberry Compote

Stock up on blackberries while they’re in season, and take your breakfast up a notch. These waffles are made (and topped) with fresh compote just bursting with flavour. Add a dollop of cream and a dusting of sugar for a totally Instagrammable meal. Get this whole wheat blackberry waffles with compote recipe.

Two whole wheat waffles drizzled with blackberry compote overtop whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar on a. grey plate next to a carton of fresh blackberries(Photo: Erik Putz)

Berry blast smoothie bowl

Simplify your morning with an energizing smoothie bowl. This easy, eye-pleasing meal begins with a fruit and yogurt base and is packed with protein, fibre and vitamins. Get this berry blast smoothie recipe.

Berry blast smoothie bowlPhoto, Sian Richards.

Sweet Dutch baby

These puffy pancakes have many names, including bismarcks and Dutch puffs. In every case, a simple batter poured into a hot pan creates instant, unforgettable magic. Get this sweet Dutch baby recipe.

Sweet Dutch babyPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Fresh fig salad with blackberries

A fresh and sweet salad—drizzled with an amazing white-wine vinaigrette—that you can pair with all your grilling favourites this summer. Get this fresh fig salad with blackberries recipe.

Fresh fig salad with blackberriesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Berry Tartlets With Jumbleberry Jam

Our jumbleberry jam fills perfectly delicious bite-sized tartlets for an after-dinner treat. Get this berry tartlets with jumbleberry jam recipe.

Jumbleberry berry tartlets filled with red freezer jam made of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with a cut-out flower topping on a table next to two tarts on a blue plate and a cup of coffee(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Berry apricot sangria

This sparkling sangria, stirred up by Kimberly Steele and Tim Muehlbauer of East Coast Bistro, is a perfect patio cocktail. Get this berry apricot sangria recipe.

Berry apricot sparkling sangria in a glass pitcher filled with blackberries and sliced peaches; it's made of brandy, chambord and Prosecco for the best Berry apricot sparkling sangria recipe

Berry bliss pudding

This unbelievably quick and easy dessert can be made a day ahead and refrigerated until ready to serve. Get this berry bliss pudding recipe.

15 Fresh Blackberry Recipes For Peak SeasonPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

No-bake summer fruit tart

This easy, beautiful and delicious creamy fruit tart is our favourite no-cook summer dessert. Get this no-bake summer fruit tart recipe.

No bake summer fruit tartPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Very Berry Galette

Show off the season’s juiciest gems in this gorgeous free-form galette. Rustic and elegant, it’s the perfect summer dessert—any way you slice it. Get this very berry galette recipe.

A very berry galette topped with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries on a pizza stone next to a small measuring cup full of berries and leaves sprinkled with sugar for an easy, gorgeous, delicious berry galette recipe(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

White chocolate tart with berries

Impress guests with this palate-pleasing dessert that can be made a day ahead. Top with fresh berries before serving. Get this white chocolate tart with berries recipe.

Impress guests with a palate-pleasing dessert that can be made a day ahead. Top with fresh berries before serving.Photo, Jean Longpre.

Vanilla cake with summer fruit

Beautiful and summery, this cake is loaded with berries and drizzled with icing for a stunning effect. Get this vanilla cake with summer fruit recipe.

15 Fresh Blackberry Recipes For Peak SeasonPhoto, John Cullen.

Meringue cake

Lighter than air (and much more flavourful), tiers of hazelnut meringue are sandwiched with layers of whipped cream and fresh fruit. It’s a luscious dessert after a big feast. Get this meringue cake recipe.

Lighter than air (and much more flavourful), tiers of hazelnut meringue are sandwiched with layers of whipped cream and fresh fruit. A luscious dessert after a big feast.

Blackberry salsa

Who says salsa needs to be vegetable based? Sub out the tomatoes for some blackberries to create a summery dip that’s perfect for tortilla chips. Get this blackberry salsa recipe.

Blackberry salsaPhoto, Erik Putz.

Maple-berry sauce

For a simple yet delicious topper, drizzle over buttermilk waffles. Get this maple-berry sauce recipe.

15 Fresh Blackberry Recipes For Peak SeasonPhoto, Ditte Isager.


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