10 Easy—But Tasty!—Work From Home Snack Ideas

Power through your work days with these super-simple snacks.
10 Easy—But Tasty!—Work From Home Snack Ideas Photo, Carmen Cheung. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Madeleine Johari.

When you’re working from home, a snack is never far away (especially if your kitchen table is your desk). But as you move from one conference call to the next (and try to squeeze some family and FaceTiming in), time is of the essence. Here are some easy snack ideas, including some you can batch cook on the weekend, to keep you happily munching as you work from home.


Crunchy granola is super-simple to make—you can even whip up a batch in your slow cooker. Mix your oats with whatever nuts, seeds and dried fruit you have on hand and eat it straight-up, with milk or layer it with yogurt and berries. You can also use those oats to make blueberry granola breakfast cookies (which are great any time of day) or homemade chocolate-studded granola bars.

Everything Bagel Seasoning

You can easily enjoy one of Trader Joe's most famous products without ever crossing the border. Mix up your very own everything bagel seasoning and use it to dress up all sorts of fridge and pantry staples—think rice cakes, quick fried eggs, salad and more.

Veggies and dip

Pre-cut veggies at the beginning of the week, so when a craving for something crunchy and refreshing strikes, all you have to do is reach into your fridge. Add your favourite store-bought dressing to your cart, or try making one from scratch—like ranch, hummus or tzatziki. Or, just like in this Twitter thread, get creative with what you have on hand—one savvy tweeter thinly slices cucumbers and tops them with red wine vinegar and salt. It's a perfect hack for when you're craving pickles or smashed cucumber salad.

Cocoa Breakfast Smoothies In tall glasses with straws Photo, Erik Putz.


If you have bags of frozen fruit in your freezer, and you don't feel like baking, use them to blend together smoothies, or Instagrammable smoothie bowls. Experiment with your own flavour combinations (don't be afraid to throw some greens in there, too), or try this fail-safe chocolate-tahini smoothie recipe.

DIY Trail Mix


Mix up your own trail mix with whatever nuts, seeds, chocolate and cereal you have on hand—no trip to the bulk food store required. If you're up for it, try making our sweet and spicy sriracha nut mix or channel your inner Claire Saffitz and try this DIY Bits & Bites recipe.

Mini Egg Everything

Put that big bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs to good use. Sure, you can eat them by the handful, but up the ante on your snack game and try mixing them into a bowl of popcorn or into your next batch of Rice Krispies squares.


Try as you might, it's hard to schedule in a lunch break when you're working from home—the whole day blends together and before you know it, it's 3 p.m. and you haven't had lunch. Snacks help give you fuel and having leftovers in the fridge makes it easy to pick throughout the day. Put your slow cooker or Instant Pot to good use and cook up a big batch of soup, stew or chili that you can reach for whenever you feel peckish.


When you need a little boost, cookies (and a cup of coffee or tea) hit the spot. Look to store-bought favourites, like Oreos, or give yourself a fun and delicious project and bake up a tray of one of our best-ever cookie recipes.

Fairground kettlecorn popcorn Photo, Roberto Caruso.



A big bowl of popcorn might just be the ultimate snack food (here's an extremely easy way to make it on your stovetop). Eat it straight, sprinkle on some nutritional yeast for a flavour boost, or make your own sweet and salty kettle corn. This snack also pairs perfectly with a Netflix binge.

Cheese and crackers

When it doubt, take inspiration from the snack you might pack for a kid's lunch. Cheese and crackers is easy to prepare and is super satisfying. If you're feeling fancy, make a cheeseboard for your and your at-home coworkers (A.K.A. your family members) to enjoy.

Originally published March 2020. Updated March 2022.


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