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Our 10 Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes, Ever

These are our best slow cooker recipes, according to you, from French onion soup to cinnamon bread to garlicky ribs.
Our 10 Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes, Ever

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Slow cooker season is here! We checked the numbers: From Moroccan stew to cheesy French onion soup and ginger-glazed ribs, these are our best slow cooker recipes—according to you.

Slow cooker french onion soup

Nothing beats a bowl of rich, fragrant soup topped with bread and melted cheese. Get this slow cooker French onion soup recipe.

Slow cooker French onion soup in blue bowlPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Moroccan vegetable stew

It takes only 15 minutes to prep this vegan, yet hearty, stew. Get this Moroccan vegetable stew recipe.

Slow-cooker recipes: moroccan vegetable stewPhoto, John Cullen.

Pulled pork with ginger bourbon sauce

This crowd-pleasing recipe is perfect for DIY sandwiches. Get this pulled pork recipe.

Our 10 Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes, EverPhoto, John Cullen.

Glazed ginger-garlic ribs

You’ll want to lick the sauce off your fingers after devouring these ribs. Get this glazed ginger-garlic ribs recipe.

Glazed ginger-garlic ribsPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl bread

Yup, you can bake bread in your slow cooker! Get this slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl bread recipe.

Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin swirl breadPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Apple-berry brown Betty

Use frozen berries to make this summery dessert all year long. Get this apple-berry brown Betty recipe.

Our 10 Most Popular Slow Cooker Recipes, Ever

Gingery chicken congee

Try this Test Kitchen favourite for breakfast or for a comforting dinner dish. Get this gingery chicken congee recipe.

Gingery chicken congeePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Jerk chicken with mango slaw

This Jamaican staple will make busy weeknight a billion times better. Get this jerk chicken with mango slaw recipe.

Jerk chicken with mango slawPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Slow cooker barley squash risotto

You don’t need to hover over your stove to get creamy risotto. Get this slow cooker barley squash risotto recipe.

Slow cooker barley squash risottoPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Eggs in purgatory

The great Nigella Lawson inspired this brunch recipe. Get this eggs in purgatory recipe.

Eggs in purgatoryPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


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