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Flank Steak Caesar Salad, Plus 4 More Easy Weeknight Dinners

Summer's not over yet! Keep your dinner table fresh and colourful with these easy, in-season recipes.
Flank Steak Caesar Salad, Plus 4 More Easy Weeknight Dinners

As we cruise through the final weeks of summer, let's fill them with our favourite dishes and ingredients. From sunshine-filled tomatoesjuicy peaches and hot-pink watermelon, to grilled burgers, skewers and steaks, this week dinner is packing a lot of summer love. (And is, as always, ready in 45 minutes or less.)

From flank steak Caesar salad to homemade gnocchi and a 15-minute dessert, here's this week's dinner plan:

Monday: Cornmeal pickerel with watermelon-peach salad

Serves: 4. Ready in: 25 min.

The lime and chili-laced cornmeal crust on this flaky pickerel adds a zippy crunch to dinner, while thinly sliced red onion, chopped cilantro and a dash of the same chilli-lime spice give watermelon and peaches a first-course makeover you won't forget. (If you haven't been using in-season peaches in your dinner salads — try it tonight!)

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cornmeal pickerel with watermelon-peach salad

Tuesday: Halloumi and sweet potato skewers with lentil salad

Serves: 4. Ready in: 35 min.

The secret to cooking these potatoes quickly on the grill? A short trip through the microwave! They're then threaded onto your skewers fresh green onion and cheese for a fast-grilling vegetarian skewer. Served over a simple filling salad (one can of lentils, shredded raddicchio, parsley and onions in a quick vinaigrette).

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Halloumi and sweet potato skewersPhoto, Erik Putz.

Wednesday: Fresh ricotta gnocchi with tomato and corn salad

Serves: 4. Ready in: 45 min.

Local tomatoes and corn are filling up grocery shelves and market boxes everywhere — and they won't be around for long. To celebrate these seasonal delights, let them shine in your meals. Tonight, sit down to homemade gnocchi tossed with warm tomatoes and corn (freshly cooked off the cob), and enjoy late summer on a plate.

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Fall dinner plan-fresh ricotta gnocchi with tomato and corn saladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Thursday: Grilled flank steak with kale caesar salad

Serves: 4. Ready in: 30 min.

This salad plate delivers any night of the week. Bright green kale and juicy tomatoes with impressive parmesan curls (hint: use a vegetable peeler) are the perfect match for our umami-rich (thank the anchovies) grilled flank steak.

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Grilled flank steak with kale caesar salad with serving spoons and a side of dressingPhoto, Erik Putz.

Friday: Buffalo chicken burger

Serves: 6. Ready in: 25 min.

Save the wings for another night — this hot, saucy chicken burger is our new favourite way to ring in the weekend (beef burgers and veggie burgers, we still love you).

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buffalo chicken burger recipePhoto, Erik Putz.

Peach Melba

Serves: 4. Ready in: 15 min.

August should be all peaches, all the time. These gorgeous gems of the summer produce aisle only grace our presence for such a short time, and not a moment is to be wasted. But since a classic peach pie is a bit time-consuming for a weeknight, we're throwing our peaches right on the grill tonight and serving with frozen yogurt and a sprinkling of crushed amaretti cookies.

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Flank Steak Caesar Salad, Plus 4 More Easy Weeknight DinnersPeach melba. Photo, Roberto Caruso.


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