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20 Fresh Spring Pasta Recipes To Start Enjoying Now

Find your dinner inspiration with these easy pasta recipes.
20 Fresh Spring Pasta Recipes To Start Enjoying Now

Spinach Asparagus Pesto Pasta With Shrimp. Photo, Ashley Capp. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Madeleine Johari.

We're channelling warm weather vibes with these fresh spring pasta recipes. Pasta is something many of us have on hand, and one of our favourites for those blustery, in-between days: it can be dressed up (or down) in any number of ways, whether it's filled with whatever fresh veggies you have in your crisper, or pared down to a simple six-ingredient carbonara.

Find your dinner inspiration with the pasta recipes below:

Prosecco Fettuccine Alfredo

"Just a splash of sparkling wine updates this timeless pasta dish. Side it with a garden or Caesar salad for the full-on retro appeal."—Amy Rosen

Get this Prosecco fettuccine alfredo recipe.

Prosecco fettuccine alfredo served on a plate alongside sparkling wine and a saladProduced by Stephanie Han Kim; Photography by Christie Vuong; Food Styling by Ashley Denton; Prop Styling by Madeleine Johari.

Beet Pasta With Creamy Ricotta, Walnuts And Basil

Add some colour to your fettuccine pasta with a velvety, vibrant magenta beet sauce.

Get our beet pasta with creamy ricotta, walnuts and basil recipe.

Beet pasta with creamy ricotta, walnuts and basil in a colourful plate(Produced by Sun Ngo; Photography by Erik Putz; Food styling by Ashley Denton; Prop styling by Christine Hanlon)

Tuna And Cherry Tomato Pasta

This fresh, savoury-sweet pasta takes only 25 minutes to make. Add some red pepper flakes for an extra kick. Get our tuna and cherry tomato pasta recipe.

tuna and cherry tomato pasta on white plate with blue dots(Photo: Erik Putz; Food styling by Eshun Mott; Prop styling by Christine Hanlon)

Easy Lemon Pasta

It doesn’t get more fresh and zesty than this pasta. Whip up a simple plate for an Italian-styled evening, and savour simple, delicious ingredients. Get this easy lemon pasta recipe.

lemon pasta on round platePhoto, Erik Putz.

Spinach Asparagus Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

Asparagus and spinach makes a yummy pesto for this 25-minute dish, which is shown at the top of this post. Get this spinach asparagus pesto pasta with shrimp recipe. 

Zucchini Pappardelle

Egg noodles, spiralized vegetables, fresh cheese and herbs all come together for a mouthwateringly tasty dish. Get this zucchini pappardelle recipe.

Pappardelle and zucchini pasta on white platePhoto, Erik Putz.

Tuscan White Bean And Tomato Pasta

Topped with panko to give it a bit of crunch, this olive-oil based pasta is a light vegetarian meal ready in less than 30 minutes. Get this Tuscan white bean and tomato pasta recipe.

linguine with white beans and tomato topped with breadcrumbs on blue platePhoto, Erik Putz.

Shrimp Primavera Pasta

Loaded with fresh pepper and asparagus, this pasta lets its natural flavours do the heavy lifting. Get this shrimp primavera pasta recipe.

Shrimp primavera pasta with asparagus in a white bowlPhoto, Erik Putz.

Spinach And Artichoke Pasta

Toasted panko adds texture and crunch to this savoury, easy pasta dish. Get this spinach and artichoke pasta recipe.

Spinach and artichoke pasta in white bowl with metal fork(Photo: Carmen Cheung; Produced by: Stephanie Han Kim; Food styling: Eshun Mott; Prop styling: Madeleine Johari)

Spanish Carbonara With Arugula Salad

Served with a fresh green salad, this dish is the best of late winter and early spring! The creamy noodles and crisp chorizo are offset perfectly by the peppery, vinaigrette-drizzled salad. Get this Spanish carbonara with arugula salad recipe.

20 Fresh Spring Pasta Recipes To Start Enjoying Now(Photo: Roberto Caruso; Photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

Garlic Shrimp And Feta Linguine

The only dish to make when you’re strapped for time, but want a filling meal (it’s ready in just 20 minutes). Kitchen tip: No feta? Goat cheese works just as well here. Get this garlic shrimp and feta linguine recipe.

A white serving plate of linguine pasta covered with feta and shrimp and arugula with two black and silver serving tongs resting on it(Photo: Roberto Caruso; photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

One-Pot Primavera Pasta With Spring Peas

You can make this bright pasta with just one pan. (Enough said, right?) Get this one-pot primavera pasta with spring peas recipe.

A plate of one-pan primavera pasta with cherry tomatoes and peas and asparagus and broccoli sprinkled with parmesan with a black and steel fork resting in it the pasta(Photo: Roberto Caruso; photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

Pasta Pomodoro

Canned plum tomatoes, fresh basil—and a nice bottle of wine—this meal is all about relaxed elegance. (And did we mention it’s a five-ingredient recipe?) Get this pasta pomodoro recipe.

a grey bowl of pasta al pomodoro with plum tomatoes, shavings of parmesan, fresh basil and spaghetti on a pink placemat next to a bowl of kosher salt and a block of parmesan(Photo: Roberto Caruso; photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

Sicilian Tomato Pasta

This 20-minute pasta is almost as simple as it gets: throw the sauce’s ingredients into the blender, blitz until smooth, then pour over hot noodles. Get this Sicilian tomato pasta recipe.

a white plate of Sicilian tomato pasta topped with chopped fresh basil and grated parmesan on a grey charger plate on a. white table next to an open tin of anchovies with a fork in it next to a sprig of cherry tomatoes(Photo: Sian Richards)

Sugar Snap Pea And Asparagus Pasta

A simple weeknight dinner, rich in the first flavours of the season. Get this sugar snap pea and asparagus pasta recipe.

long pasta with snap peas and asparagus on a white plate with a forkPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Spicy Spaghettini With Goat Cheese, Tomato And Artichoke

A simple recipe ideal for a family dinner, yet elegant enough for guests. Get this spicy spaghettini with goat cheese, tomato and artichoke recipe.

A brown bowl of spicy spaghettini with tomatoes, goat cheese and artichokes topped with fresh basil next to a fork and a cutting block with a block of parmesan(Photo: Roberto Caruso; photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

Garlicky Chicken Pasta

Spring is here! This fresh and quick pasta dish is packed with protein and topped with bright vegetables. Get this garlicky chicken pasta recipe.

A plate of linguine topped with garlicky chicken and tomatoes and arugula(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Roasted-Tomato Pappardelle

This roasted tomato dish is a 20-minute wonder, bursting with juicy flavour. Get this roasted-tomato pappardelle recipe.

Roasted-tomato pappardelle topped with herbed goat cheese on a white plate on a bright green backdrop(Photo: Roberto Caruso; photo research: Gracia Soenarjo)

Artichoke And Lemon Pasta

Ready in just 20 minutes, the lemon and artichoke pairing is not to be missed. Get this artichoke and lemon pasta recipe.

A plate of artichoke and lemon spaghetti pasta with fresh parsley on aw white plate on a marble surface(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Orecchiette with Shrimp, Arugula and Cherry Tomatoes

This quick and lively pasta uses pantry staples that, in combination, start summer early: freezer shrimp, cherry tomatoes and a healthy helping of garlic and chili flakes. Get our orecchiette with shrimp, arugula and cherry tomatoes recipe.

Pasta, shrimp, tomato and arugula in a white bowl on a pink background with a used spoon beside.(Recipes by Eshun Mott. Produced by Aimee Nishitoba. Photos by Erik Putz. Food Styling by Sage Dakota. Prop Styling by Nicole Billark.)

How to make one-pot pasta


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