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How to cut and peel a mango

This sunshine-yellow fruit is in season — here’s how to make the most of each and every one you buy.

When it comes to in-season spring produce, mangoes are standout superstars. This exotic fruit is sweet, fleshy and satisfying to eat on its own or as a welcome addition to recipes. You’ll find a variety of coloured mangoes (red, green and yellow) in your grocery store, but the inside is always golden and delicious.

How to tell if a mango is ripe
Since mangoes come in a variety of shades, it’s not always easy to tell if they’re ready to eat based on their colour. A mango should smell like a mango—it should have a sweet scent. And, if you gently press on the fruit, it should be a little tender. This means it’s not soft, and not firm, but it will give a little when pressed.

How to speed up the ripening process
If you purchase mangoes that are not ripe, place them in a paper bag and leave them on your counter for one or two days. Once ripened, transfer them to the refrigerator.

Try prepared mangoes in these 10 refreshing recipes:

How to cut and peel a mango: Mango mojito in tall stemmed glass

Mango mojito
Watermelon-mango-strawberry smoothie

How to cut and peel a mango: Smoked trout and mango bites

Bruléed ginger mangoes
Smoked trout and mango bites

How to cut and peel a mango: Tropical fruit and spice chicken with mango and risotto

Thai steak salad
Shrimp, avocado and mango salad rolls
Tropical fruit and spice chicken

How to cut and peel a mango: Scoop of mango ice cream

Mango ice cream
Instant tropical sorbet
Chia and coconut pudding with fresh mango

Originally published July 2014. Updated May 2017.

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