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Five reasons to use your blender more often

If you’re not already using your blender, then it’s time to dig it out from the back of your cupboard. Here are five reasons why your blender should be one of your essential kitchen tools.
By Irene Ngo
Photo by Corbis Photo by Corbis

If you’re not already using your blender on a regular basis, then it’s time to dig it out from the back of your cupboard. Here are five reasons (and recipes) why you should make your blender one of your top essential kitchen tools:

1. Breakfast to go. Whip up this avocado smoothie or healthy shake for breakfast in minutes. Soak some almonds overnight for this super easy and delicious homemade almond milk!

2. Cool drinks for the last of the hot summer nights. Indulge in a frozen chocolate martini, frozen margarita, or freeze some tequila sunset pops for some after-dinner sweet treats.

3. Put down that whisk! Use your blender to whip cream – really! Whirl 1 cup of 35 percent cream in a blender for the creamiest whipped cream in seconds, which you'll need for this ginger-berry cookies and cream dessert. It's perfect for serving a crowd. Or, keep the blender going and you might just be able to churn out your own homemade butter.

4. No cook dinner. Make up a batch of chilled great fiery gazpacho or our modern gazpacho with avocado. Or toss this creamy Japanese dressing with your favourite salad vegetables for a quick salad.

5. 10-minute weekend brunch. Yes, it’s true! It only takes 10 minutes to make this lemony hollandaise with the help of a blender. Switch it up by turning your hollandaise into an indulgent gluten-free cheese soufflé.


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