12 days of fitness: Tone legs and butt on day 9

On the ninth day of our 12-day fitness challenge, celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza teaches us how to tone legs and butt with a Bulgarian Squat

It's day 9 and trainer Ramona Braganza wants to know: Have you been feeling the burn? If you haven't yet, you're about to! Ramona is teaching us how to perform a Bulgarian Squat, a move that will tone legs and butt. Make sure you have a step or riser for this move (or use a bottom stair in your house) and get ready to feel it in your legs and backside.

There are only four workouts left in our challenge, so make the most of them! And be sure to share how it's going with us on Twitter or Instagram using #festivefitness.

12 days of fitness workout challenge

For more 3-2-1 workouts and celebrity-inspired fitness tips, visit Ramona’s website, download her app or follow her on Twitter.


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