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16 Delicious Ways To Use A Package Of Ground Beef

Have a package tucked away in the freezer? From Nordic meatballs to a classic bolognese—there are plenty of ways to dress up ground beef for dinner.
16 Delicious Ways To Use A Package Of Ground Beef

Photo, Erik Putz.

With rising food prices prompting us to buy and freeze more food when it's on sale (while also keeping an extra-close eye on food waste), we try to rely on freezer and pantry staples that always deliver. Here are 16 delicious reminders of how many ways there are to use a simple base ingredient like ground beef.

These ground beef recipes help you use the average 500g container—as well as the family-sized behemoth you grabbed on sale.

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Classic spaghetti and meatballs (1/2 package)

A pasta-night classic you can master on the first try. From the homemade sauce to tasty beef and pork meatballs, it’s a cozy meal you can enjoy any night of the week. Get the recipe for spaghetti and meatballs.

spaghetti and meatballs in serving bowlPhoto, Erik Putz.

Super-fast chili (1/2 package)

Speed is the name of the game come dinner tonight. Get this hearty chili on the table in under half an hour. Get our super-fast chili recipe.

Pink plate topped with tortilla chips and bowl of chili.Photo, Erik Putz.

Saucy Swedish meatballs (1 package)

You could swing over to a certain big box retailer for these...or you could just whip up our version at home! Get our saucy Swedish meatballs recipe

easy dinner recipes-saucy swedish meatballs and egg noddles with sauce in a bowlPhoto, Erik Putz.

One-pan pizza pasta (1/2 package)

Pepperoni and a generous pinch of Italian seasoning are the keys to this pasta’s delicious flavour. Get the recipe for one-pan pizza pasta.

One-pan pizza pastaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Turkish pides (1 package)

In Turkey, breakfast isn’t just a meal—it’s an event, filled with savoury spreads, cheese-studded salads and stuffed flatbreads known as pide. Ground beef and lamb are both traditional choices, but you can swap in spinach and feta for a vegetarian take. Get the recipe for Turkish pides.

Turkish pide recipePhoto, Sian Richards.

Nordic meatballs with kale salad (1 package)

A dark, healthy salad is matched with Nordic-style meatballs and homemade rye croutons for a simple twist on dinner. Get the recipe for Nordic meatballs.

Nordic meatballs with kale saladPhoto, Sian Richards.

Sloppy joes (1 package)

A messy, delicious family favourite! We added pickles to give these dinner sandwiches a little extra zip (you’ll like it—we promise). Get the recipe for sloppy joes.

Sloppy Joes recipe

Pomegranate and spice beef wraps (1 1/2 packages)

Simple lettuce wraps that add an extra dose of crisp veggies to your plate, and great Mediterranean flavours. Get the recipe for pomegranate beef wraps.

Pomegranate and spice beef wrapsPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Turkish pizza

Yesterday you made the pomegranate wraps, today it’s all about turning the leftovers into something amazing—like this Turkish pizza. Get the recipe for Turkish pizza.

Turkish pizzaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

French onion burger (1 package)

This decadent, incredibly juicy burger recipe can be easily whipped up on a weeknight, but is impressive enough for company. Get our French onion burger recipe

A burger topped with gruyere cheese and slow-cooked onions(Produced by: Stephanie Han Kim; Photography: Erik Putz; Food styling: Haley Polinsky; Prop styling: Madeleine Johari)

Classic lasagna (1 package)

Four and a half cups of meaty bolognese sauce goes into our classic lasagna—a comfort food that stays on our menu year-round. Get the recipe for classic lasagna.

recipe for lasagnaPhoto, Erik Putz.

Beef kebabs with herb salad (1 package)

Parsley, mint, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil make the salad, and spiced kebabs with a yogurt drizzle make this the main event. Get the recipe for beef kebabs.

Beef kebabs with herb saladPhoto, Sian Richards.

Saucy beef tacos (1 package)

Add another taco Tuesday recipe to the books! Serve with pico de gallo salsa, tomatillo salsa, a sprinkle of grated mozzarella and a squeeze of lime. Get the recipe for saucy beef tacos.

Saucy beef tacosPhoto, Sian Richards.

Cottage pie with celery root mash (1 package)

Make this saucy pie tonight, and save the leftover mash for tomorrow’s dinner (bacon colcannon with apple salad). Get the recipe for cottage pie.

Cottage Pie with Celery Root MashPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Big batch Moroccan chili (1 1/2 packages)

Feeding a crowd? Make it a hearty spread tonight with a big batch of spiced chili, cheddar, sour cream, and chives to garnish. Get the recipe for Moroccan chili.

Big batch Moroccan chili recipePhoto, Sian Richards.

Beef burrito bowls (1 package)

No need to wrap your burritos all the time—instead try layering the ingredients in bowls for a fancier finish. Get the recipe for beef burrito bowls.

Beef Burrito BowlPhoto, Sian Richards.


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