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18 Perfect Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Pair With Your Weekend Feast

From old standards to new favourites, there are more than enough sides here to feed a crowd!
18 Perfect Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Pair With Your Weekend Feast

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there are loads of sides to pair with a big (or small) bird. Here's some inspiration as you plan for the holiday, from heavy hitters like potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce, to colourful veggies, like beans, carrots and cabbage.

Pull apart garlic bread rolls

Garlic and butter will help you take your dinner rolls to the next level. Get this pull apart garlic bread rolls recipe.

Savoury baking recipes: Pull apart garlic bread rolls - savoury baking recipesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Irish mashed potatoes

These creamy mashed potatoes add a touch of colour to your festive table. Get this Irish mashed potatoes recipe

Mashed potato recipes: Irish mashed potatoes with chives and butter on topPhoto, Erik Putz.

Whole-roasted celeriac with tahini-herb sauce

Celeriac might not look pretty from the outside, but this root vegetable is a winner on the table. Get this whole-roasted celeriac with tahini-herb sauce recipe

roasted celeriac wedges with tahini-herb dipPhoto, Erik Putz.

Roasted kabocha squash with sugar and spice

Don’t bother peeling kabocha squash because the skin is edible. Get this roasted kabocha squash with sugar and spice recipe

Roasted vegetable kabocha squash with sugar and spicePhoto, Erik Putz.

Parsnip and potato mash

Switch it up with a new take on the mashed potatoes this year. Get this parsnup and potato mash recipe.

Mashed potatoes and parsnipsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Smashed herbed potatoes

Not interested in peeling the potatoes this year? Toss the peeler aside and try these herby, smashed (skin-on) potatoes instead. Get this smashed herbed potato recipe.

18 Perfect Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Pair With Your Weekend FeastPhoto, Angus Fergusson.

Smashed spiced rutabaga

Not sold on potatoes? Let a completely different root vegetable take centre stage. Get this smashed spiced rutabaga recipe.

Smashed spiced rutabagaPhoto, Erik Putz.

Sweet and sour carrots

Easy and beautiful, these carrots keep their green stems on for an extra pop of vibrant colour. Get thus sweet and sour carrots recipe.

Sweet and sour carrotsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Nutty green beans

Dress up this staple side dish with some crunchy and aromatic roasted hazelnuts. Get this nutty green beans recipe.

18 Perfect Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Pair With Your Weekend FeastPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Lemony rapini

Zesty and tender-crisp greens add some fresh flavour to a heavily loaded table. Get this lemony rapini recipe.

18 Perfect Thanksgiving Side Dishes To Pair With Your Weekend FeastPhoto, John Cullen.

Chestnut and sausage stuffing

To stuff, or not to stuff the turkey? Either way, a dish of heavenly scented, herbaceous stuffing is a must-have for the table. Get this chestnut and sausage stuffing recipe.

Chestnut and sausage stuffingPhoto, Sian Richards.

Turkey & Italian polenta stuffing

Save time by prepping this stuffing a day in advance. Then you can pop it into the oven while you work on another dish. Get this turkey and Italian polenta stuffing recipe.

A blue and white plate filled with sliced turkey, gravy and Italian polenta stuffing

Creamy Brussels sprouts and snap peas

Saucy, crisp and delicious—this side is an excellent two-for-one deal that saves serving space at the table. Get this creamy Brussels sprouts and snap peas recipe.


Sweet-potato stuffing

Make-Ahead Tip: Cover with foil and reheat alongside turkey until warm, about 30 min. Get this sweet-potato stuffing recipe.

A white platter filled with sweet potato stuffing.Photo, John Cullen.

Creamed kale

Prep Tip: Cook kale a few hours ahead to free up the stovetop. Transfer to a baking dish. Bake, covered with foil, at 325 F until hot, 20 to 25 min before serving. Get this creamed kale recipe.

Creamed kalePhoto, Sian Richards.

Spiced parsnip mash and sugar snap peas

A perfect (and very colourful) pairing, these sides have your veggie servings covered. Get the recipes: parsnip mash and sugar snap peas.

spiced parsnip and sugar snap peasPhoto, Sian Richards.

Crispy roasted potatoes and lemony Swiss chard

These crisp duck-fat roasted potatoes are completely irresistible, and likely to fly off the serving platter. (The swiss chard is pretty good, too.) Get the recipes: roasted potatoes and swiss chard.

Crispy roasted potatoesPhoto, Ryan Szulc.

Pumpkin gnocchi and braised red cabbage

Try something a little different this weekend, and swap your mash and green beans for deliciate gnocchi and colourful red cabbage. (You won’t be disappointed.) Get the recipes: Pumpkin gnocchi and braised red cabbage.

Pumpkin gnocchi with sagePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

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