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15 Irresistible Pudding Recipes We Love

This old-fashioned favourite is back, and we couldn't be happier about it.
15 Irresistible Pudding Recipes We Love

From homemade chocolate pudding to warm and saucy pudding cakes, this dessert is an old-fashioned favourite that we can't get enough of. Find your new favourite pudding recipe in the gallery below.

Chocolate pudding

Why buy the plastic cups when the homemade stuff is so much better? Top this smooth and creamy treat with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for a decadent flourish. Get our classic chocolate pudding recipe.

Chocolate pudding in three bowlsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Vegan oat milk latte pudding

This plant-based milky whipped pudding is a dream. Get our vegan oat milk latte pudding recipe.

Three cups of chocolate pudding with a white swirl design, sitting on a blue floral tablecloth.Photo, Erik Putz.

Zero waste bread and butter pudding

This recipe is from Chef Roland Torok-Ducharme, the newly appointed chef de cuisine at 1 Kitchen Toronto at the 1 Hotel Toronto. Torok-Ducharme’s focus is local and seasonal products and flavours with a sustainability ethos. This zero waste bread and butter pudding recipe uses fresh ingredients but is also handy when you may have a lot of leftover bread/pastries on hand. Customize the pudding compote with any frozen berries you have in your freezer.

Bread butter pudding on a white plate with red sauce scattered from it.Photo, Christie Vuong.

Chocolate pudding cake

Why go out when you can stay in and enjoy this decadent cake covered in a delicious, chocolate sauce. Serve it up in individual dishes or dig right in. Get our chocolate pudding cake recipe.

Chocolate pudding cake with ice creamPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Berry bliss pudding

This unbelievably quick and easy dessert has the added bonus of being make-ahead friendly. Make it the day before you need it to streamline any day-of kitchen prep. Get our berry bliss pudding cake recipe.

Best blueberry recipes for summer: Berry bliss puddingPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Lemon pudding cake

Fluffy cake sits atop a surprise layer of citrusy pudding in this comforting winter dessert. Get our lemon pudding cake recipe.

A square pan full of lemon pudding with one corner spooned outPhoto, Erik Putz.

Sticky toffee pudding

A classic British dessert, allegedly made popular in the 1970s by Francis Coulson, chef at Sharrow Bay Country House in northern England. (No matter its origins, this deluxe moist spongy cake with caramel and creamy custard sauce will please every sweet tooth.) Get our sticky toffee pudding recipe.

sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and vanilla custardPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Black rice pudding

Change things up with an eye-catching alteration to your usual rice pudding. Laced with coconut and cinnamon, this black rice pudding is simply irresistible. Get our black rice pudding recipe.

Black rice puddingPhoto, Angus Fergusson.

Matcha chia pudding

A bright and delicious breakfast pudding (that you could also serve as a dessert course). Kitchen Tip: We found Matsu Matcha powder (a ceremonial grade from David’s Tea) to give the brightest green colour to this chia pudding. Get our matcha chia pudding recipe.

Matcha chia pudding recipe in cups on a gold platterPhoto, Erik Putz.

Bushberry pudding cake

To serve, drizzle whisky-butter sauce over this warm, sweet-tart cake and top with whipped cream. Get our bushberry pudding cake recipe.

15 Irresistible Pudding Recipes We LovePhoto, Angus Fergusson.

Cappuccino pudding cakes

Adorable mini puddings that you can serve up straight from the baking dish (or cup!). The perfect pairing for an after-dinner espresso or coffee. Get our cappuccino pudding cake recipe.

15 Irresistible Pudding Recipes We Love

Coconut parfait

Looking for a delicious gluten-free dessert? This recipe riffs off of our coconut cream pie recipe, but (obviously) skips the pastry. Get our coconut pudding parfait recipe.

Coconut parfaitsPhoto, Roberto Carsuo.

Black Forest trifle with cherries

Chocolate custard, cherries, cookies and more make this a decadent and extravagant layered pudding that’s perfect for dinner parties. Get our Black Forest trifle recipe.

Black forest trifle in a clear glass bowl.Photo, Erik Putz.

Classic rice pudding

This classic rice pudding is warm, soothing and irresistible. And our dairy-free option is equally delicious! Get this rice pudding recipe.

Rice pudding with cinnamon.  Traditional Greek rizogalo.Photo courtesy of iStock.

Chia And Coconut Pudding

This make-ahead dessert is a healthy way to add a sweet note to dinner (eating right has never tasted so good). Get our chia and coconut pudding recipe.

A coupe ice cream glass full of coconut and chia pudding(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

How to make chocolate pudding


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