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27 Of Our Best Avocado Recipes

Here are our favourite excuses to eat avocado, including a mighty fine avocado toast (embrace it, it's here to stay).
27 Of Our Best Avocado Recipes

Photo, Erik Putz.

A chameleon of the produce aisle, the avocado can be used in everything from dressings and smoothies to salads, sandwiches, dips and baked goods. But if you're only using them for guacamole (no judgement here), we've got more than 20 inspiring avocado recipes for you to try.

Avocado facts

1. Despite their luxurious and creamy texture, one avocado boasts more than 9 g of fibre—more than any other fruit.

2. Half an avocado has more potassium than a banana and lots of brain-protecting folate.

3. Avocados also have the mono- and polyunsaturated “good” fats that are recommended as part of a healthy diet.

Green goddess egg salad sandwich

This richly herbed sandwich is so good, you'll want to eat it every week! Bonus: Wrap each egg salad sandwich in parchment paper to keep it from getting soggy (it also makes it easy to grab and take to go if you need something on the fly). Get our green goddess egg salad sandwich recipe.

Green goddess egg salad sandwichPhoto, Erik Putz.

Tomato-avocado toast

If you can’t get enough avocado toast, this is the dish for you. Get your hands on some nice heirloom tomatoes, whip up a fresh cheese base with garlic and start stacking. Try our tomato-avocado toast recipe.

recipes with avocado: tomato-avocado toastPhoto, Erik Putz.

Spinach salad with avocado dressing and raspberries

A salad with two applications! Try it as a delicious salad, or whirl most of the ingredients into a green smoothie bowl (see the next recipe!). First up, get our spinach salad with avocado dressing recipe

Spinach salad with avocado dressing and raspberriesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Avocado smoothie bowl with berries

This avocado smoothie bowl is whirled up with spinach, yogurt, honey and hemp seeds for a powerful start to the day. Get our avocado smoothie bowl recipe.

Avocado smoothie bowl with berries, avocado, almonds and hemp seeds on topPhoto, Erik Putz.

Scrambled egg taco

Breakfast for dinner has never looked so good. Here, we’ve dressed up a classic scramble with avocado, chorizo sausage, microgreens, cheddar and fresh tomatoes. Get our scrambled egg taco recipe.

Scrambled egg taco recipe with avocadoPhoto, Erik Putz.

Avocado dressing

Instead of chopping up avocados for a salad, try them in an ultra-creamy dressing. Here, we’ve paired avocado with cilantro, green onions and lemon for added zestiness. Get our avocado dressing recipe.

Avocado dressingPhoto, Erik Putz.

Avocado and snap pea salad rolls

Ramp up your salad roll game to expert level by adding more greens to the mix with avocado, parsley, green onion, snaps peas, mint, cucumber and basil. (Plus green dressing. We did say expert-level, after all.) Get our avocado and snap pea salad rolls recipe.

Avocado and snap pea salad rollsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Avocado devilled eggs

We swapped out the mayo filling for avocado. Topped with a slice of cucumber, cilantro and sesame seeds, our retro appetizer is social-media worthy. Get our avocado devilled eggs recipe.

Avocado devilled eggsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Avocado pound cake

Enjoy the health benefits of avocado and raspberries in one very pretty dessert. Get our avocado pound cake recipe.

27 Of Our Best Avocado RecipesPhoto, Roberto Caruso. 

Shrimp avocado and mango salad rolls

Break out the bag of pre-cooked shrimp you’ve got stashed in your freezer. This no-cook meal simply requires a bit of assembly. Serve these rolls with Thai chili sauce and chopped peanuts. Get our avocado and mango salad roll recipe.

Shrimp avocado and mango salad rollsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Avocado ice cream

Sweet, creamy and made with three simple ingredients. Get our avocado ice cream recipe.

Avocado ice creamPhoto, Erik Putz.

Mexican jicama and avocado salad

Sometimes you need a break from romaine. This irresistibly crunchy jicama and avocado salad packs plenty of colour and flavour (and no lettuce). Get our avocado salad recipe.

Avocado recipes: Mexican Jicama and Avocado SaladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Sweet peas on toast

Toast isn’t just for breakfast—dress it up for dinner with a sweet pea and avocado spread, topped with a sunny egg. Get our sweet peas on toast recipe.

Sweet peas on toastPhoto, Erik Putz.

Chicken chili verde

Creamy slices of avocado are the perfect garnish for this hearty chicken and bean soup. Get our chicken chili verde recipe.

Chicken chili verdePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Green goddess smoothie bowl

Simplify your morning with an energizing smoothie bowl and a pared-down, stress-free routine. This easy, eye-pleasing bowl begins with a fruit and yogurt base and is packed with protein, fibre and vitamins. Get our smoothie bowl recipe.

Green goddess smoothie bowlPhoto, Sian Richards.

Shrimp and grapefruit salad

This light salad with avocado, shrimp and a Dijon vinaigrette makes for a refreshing and healthy meal. Get our grapefruit salad recipe.

27 Of Our Best Avocado RecipesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Cauliflower tacos

Roast up some cauliflower and throw together a quick ‘slaw for delicious, gluten-free tacos tonight. Get our cauliflower tacos recipe.

Dinner Plan: Cauliflower tacosPhoto, Sian Richards.

Breakfast sandwich

What could be better—or easier—than eggs and bacon with a slice of cheddar on toasted bread? Serve with a side of tomato and avocado slices. Get our breakfast sandwich recipe.

27 Of Our Best Avocado RecipesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Club salad

A protein-packed salad that’s creamy, zesty and fresh. Get our club salad recipe.

Summer club saladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Curried quinoa and collard green wraps

Packed with avocado, beets, carrots and quinoa this wrap is ready in 25 minutes! Get our collard green wrap recipe.

Curried quinoa and collard green wrapsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Tex-Mex salad

This salad, served with beans on toast, adds just the right amount of balance for a delicious southwestern meal. Get our Tex-Mex salad recipe.

27 Of Our Best Avocado Recipes

Spicy Mexican chicken soup

This zesty soup has a hint of spice to help you warm up on cool evenings. Get our Mexican chicken soup recipe.

Spicy Mexican chicken soupPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Serrano chili ceviche

Zesty and a little bit spicy—this dish is mixed with some truly delicious Latin American flavours, from fresh fish to creamy avocado and ripe tomato. Get our ceviche recipe.

What is ceviche?

This Latin American dish is prepared by “cooking” raw fish in citrus juice. The acid in the juice alters the protein in fish, in a process similar to cooking. This dish is prepared without heat, so always use the freshest fish possible.

Serrano chili cevichePhoto, Erik Putz.

Flank steak with tomatoes and avocado

Sauce up that steak with something other than BBQ sauce. Try this fresh salsa for a simple, colourful finish. Get our flank steak and avocado salsa recipe.

dinner plan: grilled flank steak and avocado salsaPhoto, Erik Putz.


You can’t go wrong with a classic. Channel warmer weather with this snacktime favourite as an easy appetizer tonight. Get our guacamole recipe.

guacamole and pico de gallo in small bowlsPhoto, Sian Richards.

Pomegranate Guacamole

Sweet, crunchy pomegranate seeds make everything better. Get our pomegranate guacamole recipe.

Pomegranate guacamole in brown bowl with tortilla chips on the sidePhoto, Roberto Caruso. Food styling, Claire Stubbs. Prop styling and Art Direction, Casie Billington.

Avocado yogurt

The latest in a bounty of ever-expanding yogurt options is savoury flavours. This 15-minute recipe is a simple no-cook, whirl-it-all-together winner (to eat at any time of day). Get our avocado yogurt recipe.

Parsnip yogurt (left), avocado yogurtPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


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