Four Ultra-Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipes—All With A Savoury Twist 

Inspired by flavours from around the globe, these fresh and savoury fruit combinations are anything but ordinary. 
By Melanie Kwan
Four Ultra-Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipes—All With A Savoury Twist

Recipes by Melanie Kwan. Produced by Sun Ngo. Photographed by Christie Vuong. Food Styling by Ashley Denton. Prop Styling by Christine Hanlon.

Fruit salad can be so much more than pale, squishy grapes, dyed red cherries and underripe melon. With some choice seasonal produce and a few savoury twists, this summer staple can elevate and brighten any weekday meal. Inspired by flavours from around the globe, these four salads feature fresh and addictive combinations that are anything but ordinary. 

Slices of watermelon kimchi with sliced green onions, cucumber and lime on a plate

Watermelon Kimchi

A quick, high-summer recipe that should be eaten as soon as it’s made, this salad makes a great side dish for a barbecue. Ice-cold watermelon is tossed with Korean dried chili flakes, fish sauce, garlic, scallions, ginger and lime juice for an instant sweet, sour, savoury and umami kimchi—no fermentation required. Get this watermelon kimchi recipe.

Cherry salad with olives and walnuts, served in a green bowl and topped with parsley

Cherry Salad with Olives and Walnuts


Dark sweet cherries, salty sun-dried olives, soaked walnuts and parsley are tossed with vinegar and oil for an intense combination that can top anything from creamy ricotta to pork tenderloin or make a unique addition to a charcuterie board. Get this cherry, olive and walnut salad recipe.

Spiced carrot orange slaw garnished with mint leaves

Carrot Slaw


Shredded carrots and juicy orange chunks are mixed with a spice-infused dressing and nutty toasted sesame seeds in this easy slaw, which is inspired by North African flavours. Get this carrot slaw recipe.

Roasted grape and fennel salad served on a white plate. A fork pokes into a single grape.

Roasted Grape and Fennel Salad

This warm salad makes a simple and delicious side for steak or chicken. Roasting grapes concentrates their sugars, and when mixed with caramelized shallots, rosemary and a splash of vinegar, the pan juices make a vibrant dressing for greens. Get this grape and fennel salad recipe.


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