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18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To Eat

Don't let the frosty temperatures knock salad off the menu—just switch up your salad game, starting with these winter salad recipes.
18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To Eat

Photo, Erik Putz.

Mix up your greens (a little bit more) this month with mouth-watering ingredients that elevate that ho-hum plate of salad you know you should eat. With crisp slices of fennel to earthy sautéed mushrooms and colourful, fresh citrus segments, with these recipes, a winter salad is officially something to look forward to.

Mushroom salad with fennel and goat cheese

Fennel, sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, walnuts and crisp chunks of toasted bread turn this arugula salad into a hearty weeknight meal you can look forward to. Get our mushroom-fennel salad recipe.

Winter Salad Recipes: Mushroom and fennel winter salad on black cross-hatch patterned dinner platePhoto, Erik Putz.

Herb Falafels with Smashed Cucumber Salad

A hearty dinner salad, packed with nutrients and rich in plant proteins. PS. Did you know that the majority of a cucumber's nutrients are found in the skin? (Leave the vegetable peeler alone tonight.) 

Get this herbed falafel and smashed cucumber salad recipe.

Herbed falafels smashed cucumber saladPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Waldorf salad

Chive and tarragon add wonderful flavour to a salad made of kale, celery, apples and grapes. Get our Waldorf salad recipe.

overhead shot of a kale, apple, grape, walnut salad on a grey-green backgroundPhoto, Erik Putz.

Roasted fennel with orange dressing

Save your fennel fronds for this citrus-scented dish that makes a great side or salad. Get our roasted fennel with orange dressing recipe.

Roasted fennel with orange dressing on white platePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Roasted beet salad with tahini dressing

This insanely colourful salad is a breeze to make, but, if you want to save time, you can buy pre-roasted beets at the store. Get our roasted beet salad with tahini dressing recipe.

Bowl of brightly coloured beets on blue and red tilesPhoto, Erik Putz.

Red cabbage steak with bulgur salad

Tip: Cut cabbage in half first to ensure each “steak” is held together with part of the core. The leftover end pieces will work in a quick slaw or stir-fry. Get our red cabbage steaks with bulgur salad recipe.

red cabbage steaks with bulgur saladPhoto, Erik Putz.

Thai citrus salad

Add some refreshing, in-season citrus to your greens to wake up the dinner table this winter. Get our Thai citrus salad recipe.

Thai citrus saladPhoto, Andrew Grinton.

Kale salad with creamy cashew dressing

This salad is a no-cook summer classic, but since it uses apples, carrots and kale, it’s an easy one to make during the winter months as well. But be prepared, you need 24 hours to make the dressing (soaking time for the cashews). Get our kale salad recipe.

Kale salad with creamy cashew dressingPhoto, Sian Richards.

Supper salad with roasted fruit

At this time of year, fresh fruit is in short supply, except for hardy apples and pears. Reinvent these fruit-bowl staples with just 15 minutes in a 425F oven, then add to a green salad. Get our roasted pear salad recipe.

Supper salad with roasted fruitPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Kale salad with cranberries and Brussels sprouts

Stacked with roasted chestnuts and Brussels sprouts, this savoury kale salad with cranberries is the perfect hearty side or light lunch. Get our kale and brussels sprouts salad recipe.

Kale salad with cranberries and brussels sproutsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Fried goat cheese salad

Crisp golden rounds of goat cheese top a healthy serving of spinach, making this dish a cozy lunch or salad dish. Get our goat cheese salad recipe.

fried goat cheese saladPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Beet and kale salad (with nordic meatballs)

Dark greens and colourful beets pair perfectly with these Nordic meatballs for a dinner salad you can’t wait to eat. Get our beet and kale salad recipe.

Nordic meatballs with kale saladPhoto, Sian Richards.

Kale caesar salad with tofu croutons

A creamy Caesar salad is often low nutrition. Our version dresses kale and cherries in a tangy, creamy vinaigrette (shhh, it’s tofu!) that’s outrageously good. Baked tofu croutons add a fabulous 27 g of protein to each plate. Get our kale Caesar salad recipe.

18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To EatPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Warm chicken and apple salad

A hearty salad that holds its own at dinner. Pour out a few glasses of crisp white wine for guests, and sit down to enjoy a fresh, harvest-inspired meal. Get our chicken and apple salad recipe.

Warm-chicken-and-apple-saladPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Warm mushroom and arugula salad

Peppery arugula and baked, golden mushrooms give salad an earthy, savoury makeover. Top with shaved parmesan, and serve. Get our mushroom and arugula salad recipe.

18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To EatPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Wild rice salad

The firm texture and nutty taste of this wild rice salad pairs perfectly with our hearty bison stew. Get our wild rice salad recipe.

18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To EatPhoto, Angus Fergusson.

Colourburst citrus chicken salad

Made with only a handful of fresh ingredients (chicken, arugula, avocado, and beets), wow your family and their taste buds, with this easy dish tonight. Get our citrus chicken salad recipe.

18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To EatPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Dillicious beet salad

Served with our crispy citrus fish, beets make this one incredibly healthy (and delicious) side salad. Get our beet salad recipe.

18 Winter Salads You’ll Actually Want To EatPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

How to make a vegan caesar salad


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