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10 ways to use a pint of tomatoes

We're all for roasting them to juicy, caramelized perfection, but they can do stratas, pastas and Italian-style steak, too.
10 ways to use a pint of tomatoes

Provencal pan salmon with roasted vegetables.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Pint of grape tomatoes

Provencal pan salmon with roasted vegetables (1 pint)

Baked to perfection, this weeknight dinner (and one-pan wonder) makes healthy eating fresh, colourful and effortless. Get the recipe.

10 ways to use a pint of tomatoesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Garlicky chicken pasta (1 pint)

Spring is here! Start off the season with a quick pasta, packed with protein and bright vegetables. Get the recipe.

10 ways to use a pint of tomatoesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Beef pizzaiola (1 pint)

Roughly translated to "meat in pizza style" — it's all about a nicely cooked steak, topped with tomatoes and olives oil (plus other flavourful additions). Get the recipe.

10 ways to use a pint of tomatoesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Baked three-cheese and tomato strata (1 pint)

If you love bruschetta and garlic bread, you will love this strata. (The cheeses and tomatoes are cooked right into the bread!) Get the recipe.

10 ways to use a pint of tomatoesPhoto, Michael Graydon.

Tomato-avocado salsa (1 pint) Diced tomatoes add beautiful oost of colour to homemade guacamole — just be sure to stir them in after you've mashed the avocado together.  Get the recipe. Tomato-avocado salsaPhoto, Erik Putz.

Spanish potato and chorizo tortilla (2 pints)

Typical all over Spain as a tapa, this is also just right for breakfast, thanks to eggs and cured sausage. Get the recipe.

Spanish potato and chorizo tortillaPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Chicken pesto pasta (2 pints)

Fresh, light and easy, this dish stars homemade basil pesto, al dente linguine, roasted tomatoes and time-saving rotisserie chicken. Get the recipe.

chicken pesto pasta with roasted tomatoesPhoto, Colin Faulkner.

Egg and tomato shakshuka (2 pints)

Serve up a Middle-Eastern-inspired dish for dinner tonight. It’s a one-pot wonder so flavourful, everyone will be dipping in for seconds immediately. Get the recipe.

Egg and tomato shakshukaPhoto, Sian Richards.

Roasted tomato pappardelle (2 pints)

Creamy cheese and juicy tomatoes take the main role this 5-ingredient dish. Get the recipe.

Roasted-tomato-pappardelle-0-lPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Charred tomato bruschetta (2 pints)

And of course, everyone's favourite warm-weather appetizer. Garlicky bruchetta that's juicy, crunchy and all things delicious. Get the recipe.

Charred-cherry-tomato-bruschetta-0-lPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

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