Friday night BBQ menu

TGIF! Kick-start the long weekend by treating yourself to a perfect alfresco feast in your own backyard.

double patty burger loaded with the works

Chatelaine’s over the top burger with secret sauce. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

TGIF! Kick-start the long-weekend with a barbecue, grilled up in your own backyard. From juicy chicken to perfectly grilled steaks, the possibilities are endless (check out our Summer Grill Guide for extra inspiration) – but to kick off the season, we’re going with the classics: burgers, salad and a frozen cocktail.


Lager and lime slushes.

Lager and lime slushes. (Photo, Roberto Caruso.)


The drink
Lager and lime slushes
A refreshing patio-star you’ll be making all summer long. Cheers! (PS. It comes in three flavours, in case you want to mix it up.)







Grilled side salads

Photo, Erik Putz.


The sides
Grilled panzanella and savoury ramen slaw
While we wait for our summer favourites to make their way into season, let’s get creative with what’s on hand right now, starting with a mixed vegetable and grilled bread salad, and a colourful cabbage slaw.






Over the top burger

Photo, Erik Putz.


The main event
Over the top burger
Everything you’ve ever wanted in a burger, plus a little extra: cheese, secret sauce, bacon, onion rings . . . and off-the-charts indulgence. If you’re looking for a healthier version – or are serving a few vegetarians – try our tempeh superfood burger, loaded with veg and crisp kale chips.





Raspberry-rhubarb compote

Photo, Sian Richards.


For dessert 
Raspberry-rhubarb compote
T’is the season for long stalks of tangy, sweet rhubarb – so take advantage and serve a bright fruit compote over a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream.






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