A Classic Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

A cork pops, glasses clink, chairs are pulled closer to the table. Everyone's here — let's eat!
A Classic Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

A classic holiday feast demands a slice (or two) of tourtière. If you love this meat pie as much as we do, then there's not much else that can compete on Christmas eve (except maybe dessert). This cozy, indulgent holiday menu presents a feast of delicious dishes that are perfect for a crowded table. From a gorgeous green hummus and an oozy wheel of baked brie to the flakiest pastry ever, this menu will warm the appetites of your favourite people as you sit down to eat on December 24th.

Christmas Eve Dinner 2017

Cocktail hour

Start the evening by mixing up some moonshine cocktails. Yes, the term might spark associations with illegal, home-distilled booze (and a blindingly high alcohol content) but moonshine is really just an unaged whiskey made from corn, barley and/or malt. Its clear colour and and neutral flavour make it a perfect addition to cocktails. Tip: In a pinch, you can easily substitute whiskey in these cocktails. Get the recipes: Bittersweet moonshines (left) and Moonshine sours (right).

A Classic Christmas Eve Dinner MenuPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

The appetizers

Broccoli hummus (it’s so good that we’re taking it centre stage) and an oozey, cranberry and almond baked brie will whet your guests’ appetite for the main course. Get the recipes: Broccoli hummus, baked brie.

broccoli hummus recipePhoto, Roberto Caruso.


The soup course

Seafood chowder is a warm and comforting East Coast tradition worth sharing. Filled with tender lobster, spicy chorizo and fragrant dill, it’s a great dish for a crowd. Get the recipe.

lobster chowderPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

The salad course

Simple and elegant, this pear walnut and watercress salad is tossed with a light champagne vinegar dressing to finish. Get the recipe.

pear and watercress saladPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

The main event

Serve this flaky and aromatic meat pie with a beet relish and pickled mustard seeds. The pairing makes each bite a perfect balance of delicious flavours. Get the recipes: Holiday tourtière, beet relish, pickled mustard seeds

classic holiday tourtiere with a slice cut outPhoto, Roberto Caruso.


The dessert course

Dessert — a sticky toffee pudding with vanilla custard and gingerbread caramel sauce — it will immediatly silence the table so the only sounds are the clacking of plates and spoons, we guarantee it. Get the recipe.

Sticky toffee pudding with caramel saucePhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Watch: How to make the appetizer course of cranberry-almond baked brie


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