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A Game-Changing Way To Make Oatmeal For Breakfast

This method for cooking oatmeal is a pretty much a breakfast revolution.

Hands up: Who avoids oatmeal for breakfast? What if we told you that this healthy, protein-rich breakfast powerhouse has been revolutionized—that you’ll even look forward to it on a daily basis? Seriously: This oatmeal recipe is one part secret ingredient (spoiler alert: it’s egg), and two parts creative toppings. And it’s about to change your life … or at least your breakfast. Here’s how to make oatmeal you’ll never get tired of:

1. It’s creamier, silkier and richer than what you’re used to.

Texture has a big impact on whether you enjoy a dish. We wanted this oatmeal to be as decadent as custard. Real custards, made from a base of cream (or milk) and eggs, thickened over heat, have an incredible, silky finish that’s hard to resist. So we made the base with milk and eggs.

2.  It’s loaded with extra protein.

A standard bowl of oatmeal is full of nutrients (soluble fibre to lower cholesterol, insoluble fibre for good gut health and digestion, vitamins A and B, plus calcium) but has only 10 percent of your daily-recommended protein. By adding eggs (each one has about 6g of protein), you’re getting a boost that will help you power up in the morning.

3. Savoury oatmeal!

We developed six different twists on the recipe for (almost) every day of the week, including a savoury masala version as well as PB&J, maple-custard and chai. Here are all six flavours:

Originally published September, 2017; Updated January, 2020.

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