Four exercises to strengthen hips and tone your core

10-minute workout: Tone your hips, sculpt your core and look slimmer with these express moves
By Alanna Glassman; Consulting trainer Kathleen Trotter
Legs, pink ball, exercise, white workout wear

The plan: Do these four moves three times a week, and you'll see more definition in a month or less. For faster results, add 20 minutes of cardio.

Calorie-burning bonus: Alternate 10 to 12 jump squats and 60 seconds of high knees between exercises.

Hip raises

  Hip raises
1. Marching hip raises
Use your glutes to rise into bridge position. Lift one knee up and kick foot toward ceiling. Return to start and repeat with opposite leg. Do 3 sets of 16 to 20 reps.
Perfect your form: Engage core and glutes to keep thighs level with torso. No dipping!
Dial it down: Lower hips to ground between sets.
Amp it up: After kicking foot up, lower to hip level. With leg parallel to floor, hold for 2 to 3 counts.

Hip exercises   Hip exercises

2. Fire hydrants
Start in tabletop position with one leg raised slightly to side. Continue to raise leg to side, without moving hip or knee forward or backward. Do 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps on each side.
Perfect your form:
Keep weight evenly distributed as you lift your leg.
Dial it down: Do fewer reps.
Amp it up: After raising leg to side, kick it straight back until it's in line with your torso. Hold for 2 to 3 counts.

Forward hip raises   Forward hip raises

3. Forward lifts
Lie on side with one hand supporting head and the other on hip. Bring one leg forward so it's parallel to floor. Raise it up in one smooth motion toward ceiling. Do 10 reps before switching legs. Do 3 sets on each side.
Perfect your form:
Don't allow your hips to rock forward or backward.
Dial it down: Do fewer reps.
Amp it up: Do leg pulses for 10 seconds before lifting leg toward ceiling.

Zipped-up squat   Zipped-up squat

4. Zipped-up squat
Stand with legs together, hips in line with ankles and arms overhead, palms facing each other. Hold for 2 to 4 counts. Lower into a deep squat. Keep arms strong — no wobbling! Do 3 sets of 10 to 12 squats.
Perfect your form: Make sure you bend at hips and knees, and keep knees in line with middle toes.
Dial it down: Do fewer reps.
Amp it up: Sit lower into the squat and hold for 2 to 4 counts.

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