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16 Delicious Ways To Use Fresh Basil

If you have it in the garden—or bought a large bunch at the market—here's how to use it all up, without any going to waste.
Grilled pizza recipe: Partly sliced grilled pizza on a wooden cutting board, topped with cheese, basil and prosciutto. (Photo: Erik Putz)

Don't let leftover basil turn to mush in your fridge. This vibrant herb can be used in all sorts of dishes, from soups and salads to cocktails and desserts. (You'll be running out for more in no time.)

How to keep basil fresh

We recommend storing it in a glass of water, uncovered on the counter or windowsill. (As basil is sensitive to the cold, fridge temperatures often turn the leaves black.)

On pizza: Whole wheat Mediterranean pizza with ajvar

Pizza gets a makeover with a homemade ajvar–a tomato and eggplant sauce–as the base, plus lots of basil. Get this whole wheat Mediterranean pizza with ajvar recipe.

overhead shot of Whole Wheat Mediterranean Pizza with Ajvar on a cutting board Photo, Carmen Cheung. Food styling, Ashley Denton. Prop styling, Madeleine Johari.

In a side dish: grilled peach-basil caprese salad

Got lots of basil left? This grilled-peach caprese salad needs four cups worth. Serve with barbecued pork tenderloin. Get this balsamic-peach marinated pork tenderloin with caprese salad recipe.

Balsamic-peach marinated pork tenderloin on grilled peach caprese salad Photo, Roberto Caruso.

In a salad: Thai basil and cilantro salad

Thai basil has a flavour closer to anise or licorice than sweet basil. Serve it with satay tofu skewers for a flavour explosion. Get this Thai basil and cilantro salad recipe.

cucumber, carrot and onion Thai basil salad Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Paired with tuna in a hearty salad: Tuna panzanella salad

When the sun’s blazing and the mercury’s rising, try a refreshing no-cook salad to cool you down. Get this tuna panzanella salad recipe.

No-lettuce salads: Tuna panzanella salad in large white bowl on a circular wooden platter Photo, Erik Putz.

In a salad roll: Melon, prosciutto salad rolls

The cantaloupe and honeydew add sweetness to these prosciutto salad rolls. A hint of basil rounds out the flavours. Get this cantaloupe, honeydew and prosciutto salad rolls recipe.

Cantaloupe, honeydew and prosciutto salad rolls Photo, Erik Putz.

In pasta: One-pan pasta

Yes, it all cooks in one pot! This time-saving pasta is the perfect answer to rushed weeknight dinners. Get the one-pan pasta recipe.

One pot pasta Photo, Sian Richards.

In a classic recipe: Basil pesto

From our onion-basil pesto to this classic basil pesto, this summery sauce can add great flavour to any dish, such as our chicken pesto pasta or a vibrant basil-pesto salad.

Onion-basil pesto recipe

In a drink: Raspberry-basil mojito

Mix together mint, basil-infused sugar syrup, raspberries and rum — and a superb summer drink is born. Get this raspberry-basil mojito recipe.

Raspberry-basil mojito Photo, Roberto Caruso.

On pizza: Grilled pizza

Transform your barbecue into a backyard pizza oven. (It’s the easiest, fastest, most-fun way to have pizza, we promise.) Before serving, sprinkle with fresh basil, and bon appétit! Get this grilled pizza recipe.

Easy dinner recipes: Grilled pizza on parchment with rolling pizza cutter Photo, Erik Putz.

In the leftovers: Thai chicken rolls

These Thai chicken noodle rolls freshens up the leftovers from last night’s chicken and kale rice bowl. Get this Thai chicken rolls recipe.

Thai chicken rice noodle rolls Photo, Erik Putz.

In dessert: Strawberry and basil meringues

Light and airy, with a sweet chewy centre, these personal-sized desserts are a great way to showcase simple, elegant summer flavours. Our favourite: ripe strawberries and fresh basil. Get this strawberry and basil meringues recipe.

Fresh-basil-and-strawberry-meringues-0-l Photo, Roberto Caruso.

On your burgers: Fresh Italian burger

Stack it up with caramelized onions, arugula, a beef patty, black pepper cheese, pancetta, roasted tomatoes, basil and aioli between buns. Get this fresh Italian burger recipe.

Tips for making a homemade burger: Fresh Italian burger Photo, Roberto Caruso.

In sandwiches: Strawberry Tea Sandwiches

Picnic-perfect. These summer tea sandwiches bring together sweet berries, fragrant basil and creamy cheese in an unforgettable afternoon snack. Get this strawberry tea sandwiches recipe.

Strawberry tea sandwiches—crustless white bread sandwiches with strawberries and fresh basil—on a blue ceramic tray edged with gold and white scalloped edges on a marble surface next to a cup of tea in a floral cup and saucer with a slice of lemon on a white lace napkin next to fresh strawberries (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

In a fruit salad: Melon salad with burrata cheese

Fresh fruit comes alive under fresh mint, basil and creamy burrata cheese. Try it at your next Sunday brunch for a crowd-pleasing treat. Get this melon salad with burrata cheese recipe.

Burrata cheese and melon salad. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

In soup: Pressure-cooker Vietnamese beef pho

The fragrant soup lets the pressure cooker do most of the work. Then add noodles and garnishes (think sriracha, fresh lime, basil leaves — a handful! — mint, and bean sprouts), and get slurping. Get this Vietnamese beef pho recipe.

16 Delicious Ways To Use Fresh Basil Photo, Angus Fergusson.

In a dinner side: Watermelon, feta and pistachio salad

A sweet and svaoury salad that’s so refreshing, you’ll be whipping it up all summer long. Get this watermelon, feta and pistachio salad recipe.

Watermelon, feta and pistachio salad Photo, Roberto Caruso.

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