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6 camping recipes for a feast around the firepit

The s'mores dip will change your summer.
6 camping recipes for a feast around the firepit

Photo, Erik Putz.

Camping recipes

Bake-ahead French toast loaf

Start your morning of outdoor activity off right with a hearty breakfast. To prep this camp meal, cook the loaf, double wrap with foil and store in a resealable bag. Refrigerate until you're packing the camp cooler. Get the recipe.

Bake-ahead French toast loafPhoto, Erik Putz.

Pantry salad

Who knew camping was a great excuse to clear out your pantry? Whip this salad up ahead of your departure and store it in a resealable bag in the fridge until you pack up the cooler. Tip: This recipe also works brilliantly with kidney beans or lentils. Get the recipe.

Pantry saladPhoto, Erik Putz.


Cheesy Camp Burgers

Just because you're cooking on an open flame doesn't mean you have to give up cheese on your burgers. These juicy patties cleverly conceal Babybel rounds for a cheesy hit minus the mess on the grill. Get the recipe.

Cheesy Camp BurgersPhoto, Erik Putz.

Maple-bacon sweet potatoes

Foil-wrapped potatoes are an incredibly easy campfire side dish. We substituted the regular version for a sweet potato topped with maple syrup and bacon for that perfect balance of sweet and salty. Tip: Rub the potato with a bit of olive oil before baking for extra-crispy skin. Get the recipe.

Maple bacon sweet potatoesPhoto, Erik Putz.

One-pot classic mac and cheese

This one-pot pasta eliminates the mess. Isn't that what camping is all about? Tip: Boost the protein by topping with sliced grilled sausages or cumbled bacon. Get the recipe.

Family-friendly dinners: One-pot classic mac and cheesePhoto, Erik Putz.


Caramel skillet s'mores

Try a twist on the classic campfire dessert: use your camp skillet, caramel-filled chocolates and mini-marshmallows to create a decadent s'mores dip. Get the recipe.

Caramel skillet s'mores recipe: one pan of s'mores on a picnic table with graham crackers on the sidePhoto, Erik Putz.

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