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14 easy recipes for grilled fish

Fire up the grill for more than burgers and steaks this summer.

 Secrets of mouth-watering grilled fish

1. Start with skin-on fillets: they’re easiest to grill and eat. The best are firm fish like tuna, salmon, trout, black cod, halibut and snapper.

2. Grill fillets over medium, skin-side down. No need to flip them – just keep the lid closed so the barbecue stays hot.

3. To figure out cooking times, measure how thick each fillet is and grill about 5 min for every 1/2-in. Remember that fish continues to cook even after it comes off the grill, so serve immediately.

4. To remove without sticking, slide a thin metal spatula between the grill and the skin, then lift off. Or slip a flexible metal spatula between the crisp skin and flesh, and lift the fillet off, leaving the skin on the grill.

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