Chicken enchiladas: An easy recipe for a family fiesta

We love recipes with a Mexican flair (tacos, burritos, quesadillas), and this recipe fit into my weekly meal plan beautifully
By Karma Brown


I have a great vegetarian enchilada recipe I make every couple of weeks, but we’d been on such a veggie kick recently I knew chef in training needed a solid meat-based meal to break things up. And because we love recipes with a Mexican flair (tacos, burritos, quesadillas), Chatelaine’s Chicken enchiladas fit into my weekly meal plan beautifully.

I was so proud of myself for planning ahead this week (roast chicken one night = leftover chicken for enchiladas the next), you’d have thought I pounded the wheat for the tortillas myself! Luckily for my ego, mini sous chef was all too happy to give me a sticker for my efforts and agree I was a “very smart mommy.” But on to the recipe…

These enchiladas were easier than ever thanks to the leftover chicken, so really it was a matter of cooking the veggies (spinach, onion, garlic, tomatoes) and assembling the tortillas. I also only had six tortillas (recipe calls for eight), so I simply made bigger enchiladas. After the veggies were cooked I added the chicken to warm it up, sprinkled in the spices, and mixed everything together. I also added the cheese at the last minute so it wouldn’t start melting (clumping) in the chicken mixture, and then filled the tortillas and rolled them. Another sprinkle of cheese and plum tomatoes over the top, and the dish was in the oven for a quick five minutes. Which gave me just enough time to whip up the guacamole (I make mine very simple with avocado, lime juice, salt and hot sauce) and open the wine.

These enchiladas are super spiced (chili powder, cumin, hot pepper flakes), which means maybe not the best meal for little ones unless you have kiddos who love spicy, fragrant food. You could cut the spice down, or completely eliminate it, but the flavour may not as pleasing to a more grown-up palate. So I’d put this one in the adult recipe index…and complement it with a bucket of homemade guacamole, good friends, and at least one pitcher of icy margaritas.


Try this recipe: Chicken enchiladas


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