Our 10 Most Popular Garlic Recipes

Time to pull out the garlic press and put those breath mints away.
Our 10 Most Popular Garlic Recipes

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

It's a universal truth that the smell of minced garlic gently frying in olive oil will convince anyone around that you can cook, and cook well. The aroma is inescapable, comforting and especially comforting in the last dregs of winter. From roasted veggies to pasta and an all-time favourite chicken, here are 10 of our best recipes featuring the flavourful bulb.

Garlicky Tomato Grilled Cabbage with Crunchy Breadcrumbs

This is a perfect side dish (that can be transformed into a dinner casserole), using nearly overripe tomatoes to make a sauce that coats charred, tender-crisp grilled cabbage. Get this garlicky tomato grilled cabbage with crunchy breadcrumbs recipe.

Garlicky tomato grilled cabbage with breadcrums served on a platePhoto, Christie Vuong.

Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Rolls

Topped with melted garlic butter and parsley, warm bread rolls have never tasted so good. Get this pull-apart garlic bread rolls recipe. 

Savoury baking recipes: Pull apart garlic bread rolls - savoury baking recipesPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Heirloom Tomato Salad with Garlic-Chili Crisp

Crispy, spicy garlic chips are the perfect foil to the sweetness of fresh tomatoes. Get this heirloom tomato salad with garlic-chili crisp recipe.

A plate of heirloom tomato salad against a yellow backgroundPhoto: Erik Putz.

Glazed Ginger-Garlic Ribs

This sweet and sticky bbq recipe can easily be swapped for oven cooking by roasting in a 350C oven. Get this glazed ginger-garlic ribs recipe.

Sliced ribs on an aluminum platter.Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Garlicky Chicken Fried Rice

The trick to this chicken fried rice dish is using day-old rice. Make it today: Cook rice, spread it on a baking sheet and cool in the fridge. Get this garlicky chicken fried rice recipe.

chicken fried rice served in wokPhoto, Erik Putz.

Rajasthani Palak Dal (Garlic-Spiced Spinach and Lentils)

This creamy dal from the northwest of India is lightly spiced with cumin, turmeric and garlic, with the addition of fresh spinach. Get this rajasthani palak dal recipe.

a bowl of yellow lentil dal and spinachPhoto, Erik Putz.

Lemon-Garlic Grilled Chicken

Meet an all-time Chatelaine favourite! What could be better than lemony, garlicky chicken on the grill? Get this lemon-garlic grilled chicken recipe.

Chicken legs and lemon wedges on grillPhoto, Erik Putz.

Garlic Scapes Pesto

Use garlic scape pesto in the same way you would use in any pesto: toss with pasta, salad dressing, or toss with vegetables like blanched green beans. Get this garlic scapes pesto recipe.

Our 10 Most Popular Garlic Recipes

Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato Clafouti

A one-dish delight of sweet potato and eggs. Prepped in 15 minutes! Get this roasted garlic and sweet potato clafouti recipe.

Clafouti in a ceramic dishPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Garlicky chicken pasta

This fresh and quick pasta dish is packed with protein and topped with bright vegetables. Get this garlicky chicken pasta recipe.

a plate of linguinePhoto, Roberto Caruso.


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