Park bench workout: Four best moves for outdoor fitness

10-minute workout: It's summer - the perfect time to skip the gym, enjoy a little sun and sculpt every muscle with our expert-approved, multi-tasking moves.
By Alanna Glassman; Consulting trainer Kathleen Trotter; Main image: Iconica/Getty Images; Fitness photography by Roberto Caruso
Woman in workout gear doing triceps dips on benches

Do these four moves three times a week, and you'll see more definition in a month or less. For faster results, add 20 minutes of cardio.

You need: A bench

Plank Twists 1. Plank Twists

1. Plank twists Start in a push-up position, with shoulders stacked over wrists. Raise one leg and bring knee across your body toward opposite elbow. Return to start and repeat with the other leg. Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

Perfect your form: Keep spine long and chin off chest. Dial it down: Skip the twist. Hold push-up position for 30 to 60 seconds. Do 3 sets. Amp it up: Add 5 push-ups after each set. Targets: Core, back, legs.

Lateral Lifts 2. Lateral Lifts


2. Lateral lifts Stand with one food on bench and hands on hips. Straighten leg on the bench as you lift the other out to the side. Hold for 2 counts, then lower and lift leg 10 times. Switch sides. Do 3 sets per leg. Perfect your form: Roll shoulders away from ears. Dial it down: Use a lower bench, or step up but skip the lateral leg lift. Amp it up: Hold weights in each hand. Targets: Glutes, thighs.

Triceps Dips 3. Triceps Dips

3. Triceps dips Place hands on bench, fingers pointing forward, and walk legs out, keeping arms straight. With feet flexed and core engaged, lower body until arms reach a 90-degree angle. Push up and repeat dip. Do 3 sets of 10. Perfect your form: Keep head in line with back. Dial it down: Perform move with knees bent. Amp it up: Lift one leg during dip; switch legs for each dip. Targets: Arms, chest, core, shoulders.

High Knee Step-Ups 4. High Knee Step-Ups

4. High knee step-ups Stand with one foot on middle of bench and hands on hips. Step up, raising opposite leg. Hold for 2 counts. Return to start and repeat on the other side. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 slow and steady reps.


Perfect your form: Engage your core through the move. Dial it down: Use a lower bench, or step up without raising other knee. Amp it up: After each knee raise, kick leg forward. Targets: Core, quads, hips. Get more 10-Minute Workouts here.


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