Best Easter brunch menu for a crowd

This Easter, gather up your family and friends, pour a few drinks and sit down to one of our favourite, all-time recipes.
Michael Graydon Baked three-cheese tomato strata recipe
Photo by Michael Graydon

It's all about variety when planning a holiday brunch menu. Try sweet, savoury and spicy recipes - after all, brunch is the best possible combination of breakfast and lunch. This Easter, gather up family and friends, pour a few drinks and sit down to a medley of flavours. Our baked three-cheese tomato strata is the main event, but to sweeten things up we're capping off the menu with rich, caramelized sticky buns. Happy Easter!

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Classic spicy caesar A brunch classic. Make sure you have plenty of garnishes, spices, and Clamato juice - guests will be looking for refills of this delicious cocktail. (Prefer bubbly? Try our Clementine sparkle.)

Smoked salmon bites Smoked salmon bites recipe.
Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Smoked salmon bites Set out some snacks to whet their appetites - or calm their hunger while you pulls together any last minute brunch preparations.

Caramelized-onion-tart-with-asparagus-0-l[1] Caramelized onion tart recipe.
Photo, Michael Graydon.

Caramelized-onion tart with asparagus Asparagus, light cheese and caramelized onions make this tart a richly flavoured bite-sized snack.

Colin Faulkner Sweet onion, orange and almond salad recipe
Photo by Colin Faulkner

Sweet onion, orange and almond salad Add a little extra green to your plate and serve this light citrus salad alongside the Baked 3-cheese tomato strata, they complement each other beautifully.

Caramel pecan sticky buns Caramel pecan sticky buns.Photo, Angus Fergusson.


Caramel-pecan sticky buns Brunch wouldn't be the same without a sweet and decadent treat to savour. This easy recipe is overflowing with brown sugar and pecans, it may just be a new family favourite!


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