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11 Creative Ways To Use Up Turkey Leftovers

Winner, winner, leftovers for dinner! Here are 11 recipes that give new life to leftover turkey.
11 Creative Ways To Use Up Turkey Leftovers

Using up the remains of a holiday meal doesn't have to be a chore. From pesto-turkey linguine to creamy risotto, turkey leftovers can be downright delicious. Here are 11 ways to use them up.

Classic Turkey Soup

You cooked a giant bird, and now there are tons of leftovers. Not a problem—a few hot bowls of soup are the way to go. Get our Classic Turkey Soup recipe.

Classic turkey soup recipe Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Apple Cider Turkey Pot Pie

Cider adds a hit of sweetness to this classic turkey pot pie. We use store-bought puff pastry sheets for a perfectly flaky crust. Get our Apple Cider Turkey Pot Pie recipe.

Thanksgiving leftovers: Apple cider turkey pot pie Photo, Sian Richards.

Classic Turkey Broth

The turkey from your holiday dinner is a gift that just keeps giving—use the carcass to make this flavourful broth (it’s way easier than you might imagine). Get our Classic Turkey Broth recipe.

Bone broth in a glass jar on a wooden table, with root and leafy vegetables (Photo: iStock)

Turkey And Prosciutto Panini

Prosciutto, arugula and homemade dijon mayo take the humble turkey sandwich to new heights. Get this turkey and prosciutto panini with sage recipe.

leftover Turkey panini Photo, Sian Richards.

Pesto Turkey Linguine

Pesto and goat cheese add loads of flavour to leftover turkey in this easy weeknight pasta recipe. Get our Pesto Turkey Linguine recipe.

A skillet filled with pesto turkey linguine. (Photo: iStock)

Turkey And Leek Risotto

This creamy risotto—featuring crispy sage leaves and lots of parmesan—gives leftover turkey an elegant new life. Get this Turkey And Leek Risotto recipe.

Easy risotto recipes: Turkey and leek risotto Photo, Sian Richards.

Turkey-Apple Sandwich With Cranberry Chutney

Slices of tart Granny Smith apple and a zippy cranberry chutney dial up the flavour of an otherwise standard turkey sandwich. Get this Turkey-Apple Sandwich With Cranberry Chutney recipe.

This is a Turkey-Apple Sandwich With Cranberry Chutney on a white background (Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Country-Style Turkey Pot Pie

Chunks of moist turkey and a colourful mix of carrot, peppers and broccoli stay juicy in a creamy white sauce. Get our Country-Style Turkey Pot Pie recipe.

11 Creative Ways To Use Up Turkey Leftovers Country-style pot pie

Upside-Down Pot Pies

Winner, winner, leftover turkey dinner! This deconstructed twist on a traditional pot pie is kid-friendly and also way easier to make. Get our Upside-Down Pot Pies recipe.

Upside-down-chicken-pot-pies-0-l Photo, John Cullen.

Tuscan-Style Pot Pie

The classic pot pie gets an Italian twist. We added artichokes and fennel to the creamy filling, and topped the store-bought puff-pastry crust with parmesan and rosemary. Get this Tuscan-Style Pot Pie recipe.

Tuscan-style-chicken-pot-pie Photo, Yvonne Duivenvoorden.

Savoury Dutch Baby

A Dutch baby—a crunchy-edged pancake that rises dramatically in the oven as it bakes—is a high-reward, low-effort dish. Essentially a giant Yorkshire pudding, it’s the ultimate delivery vehicle for saucy leftovers. Get the Savoury Dutch Baby recipe here.

A pan with a Dutch baby filled with chicken, peas and cranberries wooden work surface. Dutch baby photos, Erik Putz; Food styling, Ashley Denton; Prop styling: Madeleine Johari; Staub cast iron fry pans:

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