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Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Of Summer 2018

Make these reader-approved recipes while you still can!
Our 10 Most Popular Recipes Of Summer 2018

Photo, Erik Putz.

We know, we know, summer's not officially over yet, but after Labour Day many of us start switching over to fall cooking (because who can resist cozy nights in and slow-cooker meals). But before the weather cools down, we rounded up our 10 most popular recipes of this summer, just in case you wanted one final taste of summer 2018. Here are our top recipes of the season.

Popular summer recipes

Classic peach pie

You can never go wrong with a classic! Get this peach pie recipe.

Summer pie recipe collection: Peach pie with a slice talent out on mint-green table cloth Photo, Erik Putz.


You can keep eating al fresco as long as it’s still warm out, so make this as a perfect outdoor side. Get this baby-red potato salad recipe.

A platter of baby red potato salad on a table next to a green salad and a bowl of vinaigrette (Photo: John Cullen)

Peach upside-down cake

This stunning dessert is deceptively simple. Try it with the last of your in-season peaches. Get this peach upside-down cake recipe.

Peach recipes: Peach upside-down cake with two slices cut out Photo, Erik Putz.

Rhubarb muffins

Put that frozen rhubarb to work and make these spring-inspired muffins. Get this rhubarb muffins recipe.

rhubarb muffins to illustrate an easy rhubarb muffin recipe Photo, Erik Putz.

Memphis-style pork ribs

Fire up the grill one last time for this epic take on ribs. Get this Memphis-style pork ribs recipe.

Saucy pork ribs Photo, John Cullen.

Peach crisp

Seasonal peaches are the star of this summery, five-ingredient dessert. Get this peach crisp recipe.

Peach-crisp-1-l Photo, John Cullen.

Homemade crepes

Fill these crepes with whatever fruit you have on hand for a delicious breakfast or dessert. Get this homemade crepes recipe.

Crepes recipe: crepes folded on white serving plate Photo, Erik Putz.

Chocolate-zucchini muffins

You’d never guess these fudgy muffins are filled with oodles of healthy zucchini. Get this chocolate-zucchini muffins recipe.

/recipe/desserts/chocolate-zucchini-muffins/ (Photo: Erik Putz)

Roasted spaghetti squash

You don’t need fall weather to enjoy this hearty gourd, which is available all year round. Get this roasted spaghetti squash recipe.

Roasted spaghetti squash Photo, Erik Putz.

Rhubarb crisp

You’ll have to wait until next spring to make this fresh-tasting dessert, unless you’ve stocked up on frozen rhubarb! Get this rhubarb crisp recipe.

rhubarb crisp Photo, Erik Putz.

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