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5 party dips that aren't guacamole

Our beloved avocado is facing a shortage due to California's drought – so the guacamole replacement search begins now.
By Heather MacMullin, Irene Ngo
5 party dips that aren't guacamole

Photo, Michael Alberstat.

5 party dips that aren't guacamole

Wasabi-edamame dip

Skip the usual veggie dips and head for a protein powerhouse with spicy kick! Get the recipe

Photo, Michael Alberstat.

edamame dipWasabi-edamame dip

Roasted asparagus and creamy tahini dip

These tender-crisp seasonal spears are delicious on their own, but this party pairing with creamy, nutty dip is s winner, every time. Get the recipe.

Photo, Angus Fergusson.

asparagus-recipeRoasted asparagus and creamy tahini dip

Crudites jars with moroccan hummus

A classic dip with a stylish presentation. Perfect for parties or picnics – or when you're on the go. Get the recipe.

5 party dips that aren't guacamoleCrudites jars with moroccan hummus

Labneh with dukkah and fresh vegetables

This thick and creamy Middle Eastern yogurt cheese is the perfect snack, starter or party appetizer. Serve with mixed veggies and flatbread. Get the recipe.

Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Labneh with dukkah and fresh vegetablesLabneh with dukkah and fresh vegetables

Green goddess dip

A zesty, aromatic vegetable dip you can whirl up in the belnder in no time. Get the recipe.

5 party dips that aren't guacamoleGreen goddess dip

Holy guacamole. The future of our favourite green fruit may be standing on shaky ground, as the severe drought affecting California (where avocado growers produce over 80 percent of the USA's total crop) is propelling projections of huge avocado shortages. While our undying love for a bowl of guacamole and chips makes this news a bit alarming, there are plenty of ways to make a great party dip without this tropical gem. So, while it may not be time to take avocados off the menu just yet, we'll be adding five new dips to the rotation to help stave off the separation anxiety.

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