5 Quick Weeknight Dinners For When You're In A Rush

Kofta kebabs, pork katsu and more: these weeknight dinners are delicious and easy to make.
5 Quick Weeknight Dinners For When You're In A Rush

Photography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo.

Weeknight cooking can be a hassle when everyone's hungry and waiting for dinner. We've got you covered with these weeknight meals that take about an hour to make, start to finish.

Fish Sandwiches with Tarragon Mayo

Tarragon mayo adds an instant kick to this otherwise ordinary sandwich, making it a quick and delicious weeknight meal. Get the fish sandwiches with tarragon mayo recipe here. 

White plate with fish burger on top and top bun offset to the side.Photography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo

Crispy Pork Katsu

Elevate your weeknight dinners with this delicious pork katsu. Get the crispy pork katsu recipe here.

Plate of pork katsu with salad and white rice.Photography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo.


Pasta a la Norma

This pasta with eggplant and cherry tomatoes is simple and delicious. Get the pasta a la norma recipe here. 

a bowl of pasta with red tomatoes.Photography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo.

Kofta Kebabs With Chopped Salad

Fresh kofta kebabs add flavour to an otherwise plain romaine lettuce salad. Get the kofta kebabs with chopped salad recipe here

A plate with kofta kebabs and a plate of salad and bread on it.Photography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo.

Goma Chicken Salad

Napa cabbage, sesame oil and rotisserie chicken adds flavour and protein to this salad. Get the goma chicken salad recipe here. 

A bowl of chicken salad with two serving spoons inside, against a plain checkered backgroundPhotography by Erik Putz; Recipe by Irene Ngo.


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