Your Weekly Horoscope: September 1 - September 7, 2021

There is no rush, Capricorn.
Your Weekly Horoscope: September 1 - September 7, 2021

Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Regardless of your circumstances, this week the most important thing for you to pay attention to is your own boundaries. Just because others think you can, doesn’t mean you should. Be brave enough to listen to your inner voice and to investigate its meaning. You may need to let go of something you feel you identified with, but if it’s not an honest representation of who you are and where you’re at, it’s better to let go now.

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Illustration of a woman with brown hair wearing a pink flower crown and white shirt on a pink background represents Virgo astrological sign for this week's horoscopes, September 6 to 12, 2017Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Making choices is hard, but everybody knows it’s really not your forte. This week is going to challenge you to be self-referential and from that place of self-knowing, draw some lines in the sand. While this isn’t likely to be easy for you, it’s unlikely to be complicated either. Here’s a pro tip: Make sure your ego isn’t the one in the driver’s seat, Libra. Don’t make yourself too small or so in the centre of things that you stop seeing the world around you clearly.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 1 - September 7, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Being right is awesome! But being right isn’t all that there is. This week you may find yourself in situations where you are technically correct, but where things are so emotional that technicalities aren’t quite enough. Check in with the emotional side of what’s happening for you and with others, even if it doesn’t quite make sense or follow logic. Sometimes being patient and kind is more important than being precise.

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A woman with a scorpion tattoo represents the astrological sign of scorpio.Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It’s time to identify and articulate the truth. That said, it’s not a great week for acting on it. If you’re feeling restless, take the time you need to question where those impulses are coming from. What you do this week will have meaningful consequences, and if you don’t consider the feelings and positions of others, there may be negative consequences. Once you determine the truth, don’t shove it down others’ throats; hold it lightly, Sagittarius.

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woman holding bow and arrow represents sagittarius astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

No one needs to tell a Capricorn that life can be hard sometimes, but here we are. How you relate to and cope with feeling blocked or stymied will be very consequential this week. You don’t need to take on everything at once, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start, start with your emotional well-being. There is no rush. Seek balance and equilibrium as you navigate through some choppy emotional waters, my pragmatic friend.

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woman with antlers represents capricorn astrological symbolIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

While yes, your sign is associated with a love of change, your favorite kind of change is the kind that you initiate. This week you may find yourself confronted by a fear of having to change in ways that you’re not fully prepared for. This may spark some anxiety and as unpleasant as that is, what you’re feeling anxious about is pointing you towards where you need to get more organized and self-sufficient. It’s a small but meaningful adjustment, Aquarius.

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woman holding overflowing water jug over her head represents aquarius astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


Feb. 19-March 20

Don’t forget to dream, Pisces. Life can be harsh but it’s important that you don’t lose contact with the light that fills you up and your capacity to cultivate vision for what can be. Joy, pleasure and meaning, are all essential parts of a life well lived. This week it’s less important that you do something in the material world, and more important that you reconnect with your body, your hopes and your capacity to dream.

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two fish in a fish bowl represent pisces astological symbolIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


March 21-April 19

This week you may find that it’ll be tempting to force your will on your situation. The annoying truth is that if you aren’t collaborating with others’ needs, there’s likely to be meaningful backlash, and the call will be coming from inside the house. Strive to listen as much as you speak and take into consideration your excellent ability to make things happen. All things up and flow, but your relationship with yourself is forever, Aries.

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woman with brown hair blowing on a horn represents aries astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


April 20-May 20

When you hold onto your desires too tightly it actually keeps you further from them, not closer. Once you know what you want and what you’re willing to do to make it happen, fixating on not having it yet is just a fancy way to block your own progress. It’s OK to lose yourself in the motions for a little while and leave the hypervigilance to the other earth signs this week.

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Woman wrestling with a bull represents taurus astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


May 21-June 21

It can be hard to single out the thing you want most when you can see merit in all the options. Don’t let your fear of making a mistake stop you from making choices and sticking with them, twin star. This week you’re likely to find yourself around people who aren’t shy about saying what they need. Let this be inspiration to you for holding your own desires in a firm and clear way. At least then, whatever consequences that you incur are true to you and can lead to growth.

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identical women face each other symbolizing gemini astrological signIllustration, Kiki Ljung.


June 22-July 22

You’re likely to be moving through some pretty sticky terrain this week and it’s going to take your whole heart to navigate, moonchild. Whether you feel stable in your life or not, this is an important time to create an anchor within yourself, for yourself. Don’t forget who you are and the ethos you choose to live by. You’ll always have choices, even if you don’t always have great ones. Honour your truth, even when it’s hard this week.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 1 - September 7, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


July 23-Aug. 22

Listen to your gut instincts! This week you’re likely to feel pressure from external forces to push yourself beyond capacity. Do what you can to protect and promote your vitality. This may look like taking small, life-affirming breaks to do something goofy, or saying no to something that you just don’t have the energy for. It’s OK to take a break. Part of a life well lived is about enjoying the rest and repose that you need.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: September 1 - September 7, 2021Illustration, Kiki Ljung.


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