Scorpio: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love, Work, Friends And More

The scorpion is intense, ambitious and loyal.

October 23 – November 21

Yours is a totally misunderstood sign, Scorpio! People often think that you’re fire because of how intense you can be, but you are a highly sensitive water sign. Your ruling planet is transformative and powerful Pluto, and this accounts for why you feel things so deeply. Once you’re crossed you never forget, and often have to work hard on releasing your resentments so they don’t eat you up. Your tendency to be secretive—and even seem a little suspicious—can get you into trouble in your personal life, but keeping your cards close helps you get ahead in your career. Your tenacious nature helps you get the job done.

Best traits

Intense, powerful, emotional, ambitious and loyal


At work you are thorough and ambitious, willing to stick with things until they are finished. You can be reactive, and have to make sure that you don’t alienate potential allies in your field with your fantastic side-eye. You can be excellent at saving money when you need it, but can also be compulsive with spending.



Trust in others is not an easy thing for you to feel, so when you have it you hold on tight. Your loyalty is fierce once it’s earned, and you hate ending relationships. Your ability to feel passion is as deep as your experience of pain, so it’s important for you to be choosy about who you let into your intimate life. As a highly sexual sign, you’re capable of enjoying brief but intense encounters with people.


Once you let a friend in your inner circle, they’re there for life. The problem is that it’s hard for you to recover if you get hurt, and because of this you can be very slow in letting people in. Friendship is a big deal to you, and while you may have many pals, there are only a select few that you call true friends.


When you are hurt you have a tendency to lash out or brood, and this can colour the whole vibe at home. Your family life thrives when you learn how to take care of yourself in ways that allow you to be emotionally present, even when things get chaotic. You’ve very capable of compromise when you believe it’s for the greater good, so honest communication is the benchmark of a happy home for you.

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