Sagittarius: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love, Work, Friends And More

The archer is adventurous, dynamic and optimistic.
By Jessica Lanyadoo

November 22 - December 21

Your sign is a fire sign that’s associated with travel and adventure. No wonder because your ruling planet is expansive Jupiter. You thrive in wide open spaces, in the face of new and interesting ideas, or when you get to travel and experience different ways of living. Trouble only comes up when you feel bored or trapped. You’re a visionary but that can feel like a burden when you’re stuck in mundane routines or a life lacking adventure. If your enthusiasm for life goes quiet, it gets you down and makes you want to hide.

Best traits

Adventurous, dynamic, philosophical, generous, idealistic and optimistic


Yours is the sign of the gambler and that can make you free and easy with money, even when you ought to be careful. As a result you tend to have periods of conservatism and cycles of big spending. That said, you’d rather have an awesome experience than be burdened with material objects. You’re a highly motivated worker when engaged, but it’s really hard for you to focus when you’re bored.


Romance is one of your favourite things, Sagittarius. Having adventures with someone that you care about is really exciting to you, but you can get annoyed by your sweetie if you have to compromise your autonomy. You can fudge the truth or be overly blunt when you’re upset, so keeping calm when things get heated is key.


Fun, exciting and often the life of the party, you love being where your friends are at, Sagittarius. You’re a person who can have lots of different kinds of friends from all walks of life and fit in just fine. Having joint projects, a favourite hang-out spot, or day trips with your friends is one of your great joys in life — your friendships bring you levity when things get hard.



You’re fun-loving but can be very aggressive when you think someone you love is doing things the wrong way. You have to learn that you can point out the way, but when you try to shove people towards it, they’ll resist you. At home, it’s important that you listen as enthusiastically as you speak, or you’ll lose the open vibe that you wish to cultivate.

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