Your Weekly Horoscope: September 14 - 20, 2022

Anything worth doing is worth risking not doing well.
2018 horoscope virgo Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22

The more you try to push yourself or your situation forward, the worse you’re likely to feel this week. If you’ve taken on too much or pushed yourself too hard lately, you’re likely to be struggling. Instead of trying to figure things out or fix them, let go, Virgo. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t care or try; instead, do your best to be receptive and open. Allow changes to happen in your own time, and allow your insights and perspective to percolate this week.

2018 horoscope libra Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

It’s time to be the change you want to see in your relationships, Libra. The greatest kindness that you can show the people you care about is honesty. That doesn’t mean you need to say everything you’re thinking, but it does mean that you need to get right with yourself so that you can acknowledge what’s real for you. From that place, you can engage with others in a way that reflects your truth and invest in co-creating a dynamic that you're happy to grow into.

2018 horoscope scorpio Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Focus your energies this week on coping instead of controlling. There is a lot going on in your life right now, and much of it is likely to feel out of control. This may be kicking up anxiety, and while that’s perfectly natural, it’s kind of the pits. As uncomfortable as it may be, try to sit with your emotions. You don’t need to figure anything out or fix anything. Just sit with yourself, sweet Scorpio.

woman holding bow and arrow represents sagittarius astrological sign Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The more that you become yourself, the easier it is to let go of what no longer serves you. This week is all about beginnings. Whether you need to open your mind to a new perspective or start something new in the material world, you will be more successful if you first get grounded where you’re at. Avoid the temptation to idealize your past or obsess on your future. The present moment is the only thing that you can manage, so be here now, Sagittarius.

An illustration of a woman with antlers and stars against a pink background representing the capricorn astrology horoscope sign Illustration: Kiki Ljung.

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

As restless as you may be feeling to create progress, it’s wise to let things set for a little while. If you rush towards or away from something without ample consideration, you run the risk of unintentionally creating the very circumstances you would like to avoid. It may feel really difficult to be in your feelings right now, but whether you repress them or express them, your feelings are what they are. It’s far better to cope with what’s real than to create distractions—no matter how “practical” those distractions may be.

woman holding overflowing water jug over her head represents aquarius astrological sign Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18


This week, it’s important to consider your perspective: is your glass half empty or half full? There are inevitably difficulties in any situation, but that doesn’t mean that things are wrong or bad. You may be feeling sad or off, even though you’ve got a lot going for you and a great deal of potential on the horizon. Give yourself the gift of investigating your emotions so that you can better understand yourself and make more emotionally informed progress.

2018 horoscope pisces Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Feb. 19-March 20

Can you take care of yourself while also being considerate of others? So many of us have a hard time doing those two things at once, and if that’s something you struggle with, this week you’re likely to run into some uncomfortable situations. Honour your own needs while also verbalizing your process to others, Pisces. This will let people know that the changes you're making aren’t personal to them and that they have important meaning to you.

2018 horoscope aries Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

March 21-April 19

You’re changing, and as you do it’s important to remember to keep checking in with yourself, Aries. If you allow your ego to drive you, you are likely to end up at a different destination than you were intending. Find ways of honouring your feels that don’t require you to lose track of what’s truly important. Stay emotionally present and connected to yourself, and be open to the feedback of others—both implied and expressed.

2018 horoscope taurus Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

April 20-May 20

Don’t let yourself get distracted! This week it’s important that you honour your instincts and go for gold, especially if you’re scared. Anything worth doing is worth risking not doing well. In other words, own your truth and explore your potential without being so attached to the outcome that you unnecessarily limit yourself. There’s no time like the present, so follow your heart today, Taurus.

2018 horoscope gemini Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

May 21-June 21

While cultivating a peaceful outlook is healthy, it’s important not to do this at the expense of being honest with yourself about what’s difficult. This week your fears and insecurities need to be acknowledged so that you can decide how to deal with them, Twin Star. If you don’t, those emotions will leak out of you and undermine the very real progress that you’re making. Creating stability should not come at the expense of coping with the parts of your life that don’t feel steady.

2018 horoscope cancer Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

June 22-July 22


Pace yourself, Moonchild! If you’re feeling both excited about what’s possible and overwhelmed by what needs to be done, the key is to find a tempo that allows you to enjoy the potential in your life while also keeping up with the boring or annoying maintenance stuff. If you need to slow down, don’t forget to communicate that to others so that you don’t end up creating as many problems as you solve.

2018 horoscope leo Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

July 23-Aug. 22

It's important to lean into your foundational self this week, Leo. When you’re feeling anxious, it’s easy to look outside of yourself for answers, and while that’s not an inherently bad thing to do, it’s wise to first turn within. You have internal resources that you can tap into, but it can be really difficult to remember to do that in the exact moments when you need to the most. Look to your own wisdom by learning from your past and listening to yourself in the present.


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