Your Weekly Horoscope: November 2 - 8, 2022

Everybody needs a break.
2018 horoscope scorpio Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Oct. 23-Nov. 21

You’ve got lots to do this week, but you may not be in the right frame of mind to do it. Remember that how you feel and the emotion with which you approach your goals are meaningful and important, Scorpio. Get right with yourself and your motivations before you get going, or you're likely to find yourself dealing with major interpersonal drama come the lunar eclipse in your relationship house on the eighth.

woman holding bow and arrow represents sagittarius astrological sign Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This week is all about foundations—the ones you set within yourself as much as the ones you’re building in the world. If you act too impulsively or aggressively, you open yourself up to mistakes that will likely have you fumbling this week. Offer yourself the kindness of exploring your inner landscape, and be adventurous in how you approach your external affairs, Sagittarius. Whether that means you have to cut back or expand, it’ll be totally worth it.

An illustration of a woman with antlers and stars against a pink background representing the capricorn astrology horoscope sign Illustration: Kiki Ljung.

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Tread gently as you move through complicated emotions, past hurts, and other difficult places this week. As you heal, you inevitably engage with parts of yourself that are difficult to be present with, and that’s okay. Don’t resist what is, even if you are frightened, Capricorn. Let go of the need to control matters or know what comes next—you’re moving through uncharted terrain, and the possibilities are endless from here.

woman holding overflowing water jug over her head represents aquarius astrological sign Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This eclipse season is rough for your sign, so if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed these past few weeks, that makes total sense. Take an inventory of your self-talk. If you’ve been mean, impatient, or dismissive of your own thoughts and feelings, that will inevitably lay a foundation for not only how you feel but also how you treat others. In the heartfelt words of Otis Redding, try a little tenderness. Cultivate empathy, patience, and kindness, Aquarius.

2018 horoscope pisces Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Feb. 19-March 20

This eclipse season it’s important that you put yourself out there and take chances—but not at the expense of your mental health. Strive to prioritize space for reflection amid the busyness and intensity of life, Pisces. If you don’t have the space you need to tend to your well-being, even the greatest success won’t feel like success. It’ll just be exhausting. Approach things in a way that is sustainable for you.

2018 horoscope aries Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

March 21-April 19


Don’t forget to play nicely with others, Aries. This week you may find yourself in situations that are not quite what you’d like, and while you could assert yourself and centre your opinions, it’s not necessarily the best approach to take. Make sure you're listening as much as you speak and asking questions about the motivations and needs of others. In doing so, you can collaboratively achieve your aims. Compromise is better than kicking up opposition and drama this week.

2018 horoscope taurus Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

April 20-May 20

The lunar eclipse in your sign on the 8th is likely to bring up a lot of heavy energy and consequential dynamics. Do your best to get grounded and evaluate what’s most important to you before you act or react, Taurus. You may need to let something or someone go, and while you don’t need to act on that right away, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about any revelations you have this week.

2018 horoscope gemini Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

May 21-June 21

Learning how to manage stress and anxiety is a powerful tool, but it’s not a one-and-done situation. Unfortunately, you don’t just need tools, but you need to use them habitually, which can be hard for you. This week, people and situations may be driving you bonkers and even hurting your feelings. Don’t lose sight of who you are while striving to cope with difficult situations. And don’t allow others to set the terms of engagement if what they want is out of alignment with what’s healthy for you.

2018 horoscope cancer Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

June 22-July 22

Your ruling planet, the moon, has everyone activated this eclipse season—you included. Take the time and space you need to connect or reconnect with your heart so that you can be aligned with your own emotions. You are changing, Moonchild, and the more intention and presence you bring to your life this week, the better you’re going to feel about how your evolution plays out.

2018 horoscope leo Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

July 23-Aug. 22

This eclipse season is likely quite challenging for you, and it’s important that you give yourself some space to process whatever is coming up. Your relationships may be particularly uncomfortable, as hazy and complicated issues may be bubbling to the surface and need to be dealt with. You can’t control others, but you can make sure that you are acting in ways that reflect your goals. Do your best, Leo.

2018 horoscope virgo Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Everybody needs a break—including you, Virgo. If you’ve taken on too much recently, you’re likely to feel like you hit a wall this week. Prioritize creating some balance within; this can look any number of ways, but it needs to begin with inner peace. While this is a lofty ideal, it’s the right direction to point yourself in, and the way to do it is by cultivating acceptance for wherever you’re at in the here and now.

2018 horoscope libra Illustration, Kiki Ljung.

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your ruling planet, Venus, is busy this week, as it squares Saturn and opposes Uranus. This may provoke some unsettling feelings within you as well as the potential for relationship drama. Tend to your emotions without projecting them on others, and remember that other people have their own version of events that are motivating their actions and feelings. Things are changing, and it’s important that you find your own truth within it.


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