Your Weekly Horoscope: May 22–28, 2024

Boundaries are like a service that you perform for yourself that affirm that you are special and deserving of protection.
Your Weekly Horoscope: May 22–28, 2024

(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

May 21-June 21

You may be so focused on what needs to be done or how you can move things forward that you end up overextending yourself this week, Twin Star. As challenging as it may be, it’s important that you pace yourself, or you may find that you're blocking your blessings. The things that aren’t working or are giving you the most heartache are the very same things that need your care and attention. Strive to be intentional about how you do what you do—no matter how restless you’re feeling.

An illustration of a hermit crab with a pink shell. The hermit crab has a tear falling from their eye and is holding a flower who also has a frowny face on it. The cancer symbol is shown in circles above and below the crab.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

June 22-July 22


Your ruling planet is at again, and the full moon on the 23rd is meant to stir the pot (as usual). Take the inspiration that emerges for you this week, and use it to achieve more clarity, balance, and momentum in your life. You are on the precipice of making changes that help you to have a more honest and exciting life, but you’ve gotta be willing to create them instead of waiting for them to come your way. Put yourself out there this week, Moonchild.

An illustration of a cat wearing a red bow around its neck and looking into a hand mirror with sparkles in their eyes. At the top of the mirror is a small Leo symbol(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

July 23-Aug. 22


When your decisions are informed by your strongest feelings instead of that which springs from your wisdom, they're often an exercise in unconsciously holding yourself back. Take time this week to create space for what makes you happy, fills you with joy, and is life-affirming. By feeding the things that fill you up, you'll be more right with yourself while also having more to give to others. Don’t let your fears fool you, Leo.

An illustration of a burning heart being stabbed by six swords. in the middle of the heart is the Virgo symbol(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Don’t be in such a rush to make a statement that you set your anxieties above your convictions. This week, you will benefit from slowing down, getting grounded, and taking time to reflect and reconsider what you’re doing and why. This is an excellent time for laying foundations, but there's no rush to make things permanent. Change is coming, and your clarity is needed more than your speed, Virgo.

An illustration of balance scales. each bowl has the symbol for Libra on it.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Sept. 23-Oct. 22


How you respond to frustration says a lot about you. If you find yourself getting defensive when you should be listening, that’s how you'll know that your ego is out of balance this week. It’s vulnerable to stay present with resentments because the emotions that tend to live underneath them can be really hard to endure. Have faith in your strength and resiliency, and act from that place, Libra.

An illustration of a pink scorpion wearing sunglasses and holding a heart-shaped lollipop. The Scorpio symbol is on it's front arm like a tattoo. it's other arm and legs have symbol tattoos as well like a star, moon, flower and snake.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Oct. 23-Nov. 21


It’s really hard to trust yourself when you're stuck in a loop of rumination. This week, you may find yourself both yearning to start something new while also obsessing on what could go wrong, considering a myriad of what ifs, and other brain-wormy ideas. Now is the time to make choices that reflect your values, whether it’s hard or not and whether it requires major change or not. Keep it simple and focus on your values, Scorpio.

An illustration of a bow and arrow with a flaming tip. the arrowhead has the Sagittarius symbol on it.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Nov. 22-Dec. 21


The full moon in your sign on the 23rd is bound to kick up big emotions, and within that, you may find yourself concerned with what isn’t working—or at least isn’t working the way you thought it would. Be open to change this week, Sagittarius. But not just lateral change, be open to vulnerable, heartfelt, and brave change. Don’t let your head get in the way of listening to that big beautiful heart of yours.

An illustration of a goat with a green mermaid tail. The goat is sticking out its tongue and wearing a medallion around its neck. the medallino has the Capricorn symbol on it.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Being the industrious person that you are, you can get into serious trouble when you stray from acting in accordance with your values, Capricorn. This week, you are likely to be feeling all kinds of difficult emotions, or you may be in a challenging situation. Don’t let your internal struggle create a rift between you and your integrity. It’s when things are hardest that you need to stay connected to what you prize most in the world.

An illustration of two swans sitting in two large vases that have the Aquarius symbol on them. The swans have water falling out of their beaks.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Jan. 20-Feb. 18


It’s time to let go, Aquarius. Your ideas about how things should be may be the best ideas in the world, but nothing replaces awareness and acceptance of what is. This week, you will find that the best way to hold onto yourself is by letting go of your attachments to the way things could or should’ve been. Acknowledge your emotions and your situation as well, as it will help you release what stands between your hopes and dreams and your actual reality.

An illustration of two goldfish swimming around in a circle. the goldfish are wearing small party hats with pink and blue squiggly stripes and a gold star at the tip. In between the fish is the symbol for Pisces.(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

Feb. 19-March 20


Boundaries are like a service that you perform for yourself that affirm that you are special and deserving of protection. But if you have boundaries with yourself, they must extend to and include your relationships. Things can get sticky from there. Don’t let your fear of messiness stop you from loving yourself when you're interacting with the people who you like and love, Pisces.

An illustration of a pink ram head wearing sunglasses. The symbol for Aries is shown on a star beneath the ram's head above two crossed swords(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

March 21-April 19


This week, it's important to reflect on the way that worrying makes you feel restless and eager to change things. When you're upset is exactly when you need to get centred and still. In doing so, you can better assess what’s right, what’s wrong, and what requires action. If you allow fear to run you, you will quickly find that it runs you ragged. Cultivate new ways of coping with old patterns, Aries.

April 20-May 20


The more you can collaborate with people and situations this week, the better. You may feel like you need to figure everything out before you can connect with others, but that’s simply not true. It’s okay to ask people for support when you need it; just be sure to choose trustworthy people to lean on. Give yourself room to be vulnerable, even if it’s uncomfortable, and do your best to take the self-inflicted pressure off of your already weary shoulders, Taurus.

An illustration of a pair of cherries connected at the stem. One cherry has a smiley face and the other has a sad face. On the tip of the stem, there's a pair of leaves and a small gemini symbol(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)


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