Your Horoscope For April 2024

Major shifts are happening, and it’s time to take a deep, honest look inside.
A grid of illustrations showing the different symbols for the zodiac signs(Illustration: Sacha Stephan)

April is hectic because many astrological events are happening simultaneously. The secret to managing overwhelm—especially in the face of change where we feel out of control—is finding structures to anchor you. Maybe it’s about stabilizing your routines so that your physical and mental health are secure and steady. Maybe it’s about showing up to your relationships so everyone has a community of support available. Whatever happens, allow enough time for rest and recovery. Notable dates for the month ahead are:

  • April 1: Mercury stations retrograde at 27° Aries
  • April 4: Venus enters Aries
  • April 8: Total Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries
  • April 10: Mars conjuncts Saturn at 14° Pisces
  • April 19: Sun enters Taurus
  • April 20: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 21° Taurus
  • April 23: Full Moon at 4° Scorpio
  • April 25: Mercury stations direct at 15° Aries
  • April 29: Venus enters Taurus
  • April 30: Mars enters Aries

I highly recommend that you primarily read the horoscopes for your rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign, you can read for your sun sign (born during the day) and/or moon sign (born at night). Read it all if you like, and take what resonates. To determine these placements, enter your birth date, location and precise birth time into an astrology app or online. For more guidance on how all of these play together, visit

An illustration of a pink ram head wearing sunglasses. The symbol for Aries is shown on a star beneath the ram's head above two crossed swordsIllustration: Sacha Stephan


March 21-April 19

Major shifts are happening, and it's time to take a deep, honest look inside. April will give you ample opportunities to align with your most authentic identities and as a result, anything that doesn’t fit in will have to be left behind. Focus on nurturing your health and deepening your spiritual practices so you have stable anchors to support you. New paths are emerging beyond your wildest imagination.

An illustration of a bull wearing blue cowboy boots on all four feet. It's alsoo wearing a yellow cowboy hat that has the symbol for Taurus on it.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


April 20-May 20

April is bringing surprises that'll both shake and thrill you. Don’t worry though because you’ve been feeling this sense of culmination since May 2023. The light bulb moment is finally here. Make sure to spend enough hermit time if possible. This period of inner work will illuminate relationships, helping you see what's truly valuable so you can move forward with more clarity and purpose. 

An illustration of a pair of cherries connected at the stem. One cherry has a smiley face and the other has a sad face. On the tip of the stem, there's a pair of leaves and a small gemini symbolIllustration: Sacha Stephan


May 21-June 21

The questions of where and how you fit in with your wider community circles are shifting your perspective and outlook. This means: who you surround yourself with and give attention to directly influences your future. It’s also equally wise to regularly revisit your past so you can understand where you’re headed. This journey backward will enlighten your path forward. 

An illustration of a hermit crab with a pink shell. The hermit crab has a tear falling from their eye and is holding a flower who also has a frowny face on it. The cancer symbol is shown in circles above and below the crab.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


June 22-July 22

You're standing at a crossroads where your life's path splits, nudging you toward pivotal decisions (most of them career-related). It's here, amid these significant shifts, where choices loom large. The support of your friends and the larger community you’re part of is invaluable right now. Rigid beliefs and dogma aren’t good guides. Resonance, or what some might call intuitive wisdom, will be your wise counsel. Get to know how it feels in your body when you’re sure of yourself versus when you’re distressed from indecision. 

An illustration of a cat wearing a red bow around its neck and looking into a hand mirror with sparkles in their eyes. At the top of the mirror is a small Leo symbolIllustration: Sacha Stephan


July 23-Aug. 22

Step into an unexpected adventure that broadens your horizons and challenges firmly held beliefs. For April, the questions you ask will be the source of wisdom—rather than the answers themselves. The events of the month ahead will likely influence how you show up to the world publicly. Do not stop engaging in the intricate process of exploring your psychological underworld. Commit to knowing yourself deeply so you can lead a richer and more authentic expression of the life you truly want to live.

An illustration of a burning heart being stabbed by six swords. in the middle of the heart is the Virgo symbolIllustration: Sacha Stephan


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Every ending marks the start of something new and these endings are opening doors to unimagined possibilities. But resisting closure could be preventing you from discovering new options. Step out of your own way. Yes, it may be uncomfortable but this is a necessary part of the kind of growth that will sustain you for a long time. Pay attention to how your relationships hold up a mirror to aspects of yourself that are hard to face. Be kind to yourself as you move through your healing journey.

An illustration of balance scales. each bowl has the symbol for Libra on it.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Your relationships may be revealing truths that might be difficult to confront. But you don’t need to bulldoze your way towards adjustments; allow things to settle in their own time. Whether this current moment of change brings improvement or adversity, focus on what resonates with your heart. And generate the right amount of structure to support you as you navigate it. There are slivers of sunlight ahead.

An illustration of a pink scorpion wearing sunglasses and holding a heart-shaped lollipop. The Scorpio symbol is on it's front arm like a tattoo. it's other arm and legs have symbol tattoos as well like a star, moon, flower and snake.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The energy you invest in each day is a limited and precious resource. You are not invincible. Be discerning in selecting where to direct your focus and efforts, for your well-being hinges on these choices. Consider the impact of your decisions on your health and vitality. Please ask for help and let people surprise you. Maybe it takes creativity and play to help you surpass your blocks so you can directly ask for what you desire and deserve.

An illustration of a bow and arrow with a flaming tip. the arrowhead has the Sagittarius symbol on it.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Where do you find passion in your life? What ignites it—and inspires it? Reflect on what it means to pursue your deepest desires, especially around your sense of personal fulfillment and authenticity. How can you centre joy in most of your life’s important decisions?

An illustration of a goat with a green mermaid tail. The goat is sticking out its tongue and wearing a medallion around its neck. the medallino has the Capricorn symbol on it.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Acknowledge the significance of your roots and upbringing, even if they harbour painful memories. Delve into your past to gain insights to empower your current life so you can live with grace and presence. This is the time to experiment and take bold risks—otherwise you may feel like you’re imploding with a new change that you have yet to imagine.

An illustration of two swans sitting in two large vases that have the Aquarius symbol on them. The swans have water falling out of their beaks.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Global problems require local solutions. Let this phrase also apply to the context of your bigger personal problems. When you’re overwhelmed, look closer and go smaller. What you need might just be in front of your face. Do not overcomplicate an otherwise simple situation. Right now, it’s okay if you do not have answers. The wisdom might be found in how you’re asking your questions.

An illustration of two goldfish swimming around in a circle. the goldfish are wearing small party hats with pink and blue squiggly stripes and a gold star at the tip. In between the fish is the symbol for Pisces.Illustration: Sacha Stephan


Feb. 19-March 20

April is the month when may be confronted with how you earn your income so you can ensure the stability of your livelihood. The key is planning for sustainability over the long term. Achieving this goal demands self-discipline and dedication to hard work. Look within your local communities for unexpected opportunities and invaluable support systems that can assist you in this transformative journey toward greater stability and fulfillment in your life.


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