Your Horoscope For April 2023

April is a month that reminds you how necessary it is to nurture and tend to your relationships, even as you navigate major shifts.
A grid of illustrations showing the different symbols for the zodiac signs Illustration: Sacha Stephan

April is officially eclipse season: We’ve got the first one of 2023. Eclipses bring up creative tension and can require pivoting and changing directions. It’s a month that reminds you how necessary it is to nurture and tend to your relationships, even as you navigate major shifts. Because at the end of it all, the quality of your relationships matters the most. Have the beautiful and difficult conversations with your people. Peel away any unnecessary spectacle and lean into that vulnerable space of being seen by others. It’s okay if you need to take things slow. Dates to note for April:

  • April 3: Mercury enters Taurus
  • April 5: Full Moon at 16° Libra
  • April 10: Venus enters Gemini
  • April 19: Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries
  • April 20: Sun enters Taurus
  • April 21: Mercury stations retrograde at 15° Taurus

I highly recommend that you primarily read the horoscopes for your rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign, you can read for your sun sign (born during the day) and/or moon sign (born at night). Read it all if you like, and take what resonates. To figure out these placements, enter your birth date, location and precise birth time into an astrology app like Time Nomad or online at For more guidance on how all of these play together, visit

An illustration of a pink ram head wearing sunglasses. The symbol for Aries is shown on a star beneath the ram's head above two crossed swords Illustration: Sacha Stephan

March 21-April 19

You’re allowed to change—even if it contradicts your previously held beliefs about who you are. Do not tamp down your own potential for transformation just because you’re afraid of disappointing others. And remember—it’s okay if you feel hesitation, or even shame. These are appropriate feelings and questions to sit with. Just remember to stay curious and avoid judging yourself harshly.

An illustration of a bull wearing blue cowboy boots on all four feet. It's alsoo wearing a yellow cowboy hat that has the symbol for Taurus on it. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

April 20-May 20

Prioritize your holistic health this month ahead, dear Taurus. This can mean setting limitations—like saying no to work that’s beyond your pay grade. If anyone understands what it means to go slow, it’s you. So take your own advice and move at a snail's pace. Take some much-needed solo time—and give your mind, body and heart the chance to catch up.

An illustration of a pair of cherries connected at the stem. One cherry has a smiley face and the other has a sad face. On the tip of the stem, there's a pair of leaves and a small gemini symbol Illustration: Sacha Stephan

May 21-June 21


You know what’s beautiful? When you allow yourself to have frivolous fun without making it about wasted time. Life is not all about productivity and the tangible outcomes of your hard work. Waste your time more. Give yourself over to silly, even cringey, indulgences. When was the last time you laughed from head to toe? You need experiences like that right now.

An illustration of a hermit crab with a pink shell. The hermit crab has a tear falling from their eye and is holding a flower who also has a frowny face on it. The cancer symbol is shown in circles above and below the crab. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

June 22-July 22

Listen, starting new is rightfully scary, especially when the next steps are not clearly laid out. But sometimes fear and excitement can feel similar. It’s okay if you don’t know what comes next—it’s enough that you want something different. Let the clarity that you need to move on be the push you need to pivot—even just a little bit. You can’t always know the whole picture before taking action.

An illustration of a cat wearing a red bow around its neck and looking into a hand mirror with sparkles in their eyes. At the top of the mirror is a small Leo symbol Illustration: Sacha Stephan

July 23-Aug. 22

Getting out of your comfort zone is all about experimentation. And a key to experimenting is focussing on the process rather than on the outcome itself. Lose any rigid expectations of how things are supposed to go. Let go of self-consciousness. Remember that being cool—while it comes naturally to some—is not the superior kind of confidence. Being cool is more about being at ease with yourself—even while you’re fumbling.

An illustration of a burning heart being stabbed by six swords. in the middle of the heart is the Virgo symbol Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Aug. 23-Sept. 22

If you’re feeling more isolated than ever due to your insistence on your competence—i.e. not asking for help—then reframe this experience as being about connection. Perhaps it’s true that it would take less time for you to finish a task than to ask for someone to assist you. But what if you miss out on someone’s insight because you’re too busy navel gazing? Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by other people’s generosity and intelligence.

An illustration of balance scales. each bowl has the symbol for Libra on it. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

What if instead of waiting for people to surprise you with their affection, you ask for what you want? In return, take the lead by commemorating milestones in your relationship. If that makes you feel vulnerable, try being sillier in your friendships and in your partnerships. Take brave steps towards shaping the kinds of connections you want more in your life. It starts with you.

An illustration of a pink scorpion wearing sunglasses and holding a heart-shaped lollipop. The Scorpio symbol is on it's front arm like a tattoo. it's other arm and legs have symbol tattoos as well like a star, moon, flower and snake. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Spring is a time of renewal, and for you, this time of year can represent a fresh start—especially when it comes to work. The difference this time though, is that something major is wrapping up to make way for an equally potent new beginning. It’s possible that this change is born out of necessity, not desire. If this is the case, surround yourself with people who understand the grief you hold.

An illustration of a bow and arrow with a flaming tip. the arrowhead has the Sagittarius symbol on it. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tap into the beauty inherent in expressing your most authentic self, regardless of the context. To be brave is to know all the selves you bring to any situation. That is power, and will offer you comfort, even amid your insecurities. It also infers that you’re much better guarded against naysayers and uninvited critiques. Because you know that what you think of yourself is what’s most important.

An illustration of a goat with a green mermaid tail. The goat is sticking out its tongue and wearing a medallion around its neck. the medallino has the Capricorn symbol on it. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Even if the energy around you is swept up in outward demonstrations of achievement, take your time germinating your ideas. Nesting and moving at an unhurried pace will give your heart and brain the much-needed space to let inspiration flourish. Too much doing creates a white noise that makes you preoccupied with recovery instead of fueling your imagination.

An illustration of two swans sitting in two large vases that have the Aquarius symbol on them. The swans have water falling out of their beaks. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your responsibilities, just remember to take a breath and start small. Global problems require local solutions. Think of how this applies to your personal life. What small thing can you incorporate in your days to allow for more breathing room in your bigger life? Can you delegate to someone else? Can you do without that extra step? Can you take something away so you can lessen the weight on your plate? Just start small.

An illustration of two goldfish swimming around in a circle. the goldfish are wearing small party hats with pink and blue squiggly stripes and a gold star at the tip. In between the fish is the symbol for Pisces. Illustration: Sacha Stephan

Feb. 19-March 20

Imagine what it would be like to carry less shame about your need for stability? What needs to change for you to sustain a life where you are resourced and supported? Without defaulting into a shame spiral over your financial problems, how can you repair your relationship with money? This month gives you excellent astrological weather to work through these issues. Perhaps increasing your financial literacy can assist you in embodying a life of spaciousness and abundance.


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