Warm-weather fitness vacations

You can enjoy a sunny getaway this winter that's both relaxing and great for your health. Check out our five suggestions
By Terri Coles
Warm-weather fitness vacations

Del Mar Surf Camp

Relax on the waves and the yoga mat in Costa Rica's up! You can try out two great fit vacation options if you visit Del Mar Surf Camp in Costa Rica. This destination offers packages for all skill levels, including one for families so the kids can get in on the fun. If you're really gung-ho, you can sign up for one of the detox retreats they're offering in 2012.

del mar surf camp, surf, yogaDel Mar Surf Camp

Enjoy both workouts and romance in Jamaica

If you'd like to take a romantic getaway but also want to keep up your workout routine, Couples Swept Away Resort is a great pick. This resort has a full fitness facility comparable to your favourite gym at home, as well as options to participate in exercise classes, golfing, and water sports, all included with your vacation package.

couples swept away, beach, resort, jamaicaCouples Swept Away Resort

Sign up for an adventure with a group

If group travel appeals to you, G Adventures offers a variety of ways to see exotic locales while working up a sweat on hikes and making new friends. If you're really up for a challenge, sign up to go with the travel company to Peru and hike the famous Inca trail leading up to Machu Picchu.

g adventures, inca trail, machu picchuG Adventures

Work your core snorkelling at a coral reef

I can personally vouch for snorkelling as a great workout, especially for your abs. My husband and I have snorkelled in Mexico and Dominican Republic so far, and we've got the beautiful reefs surrounding Turks and Caicos on our must-see list. You can snorkel at coral reefs of Grace Bay right from the shore at Coral Gardens Resort.

snorkel, turks and caicos, grace bay beach, coral gardensWarren Bolster, Coral Gardens Resort

Kayak into a new era in Mexico

2012 is a great time to visit Mayan countries like Mexico, where there's a lot of plans to celebrate the end of the Long Count in the Maya calendar and the start of a new era for the world. If a beach vacation isn't your cup of tea, consider visiting Mexico to enjoy other water-based activities, like kayaking. The country's lagoons and rivers offer options for both short trips and excursions lasting two or three days, and if you do plan to hit the beach, you can also try sea kayaking at many locations around Mexico.



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