Jennifer Aniston's trainer shares her mind-body makeover tips

Mandy Ingber is one of the most sought-after yoga and fitness experts in the world, and she’s helped countless celebs get in Hollywood shape.
By Consulting trainer Mandy Ingber
Celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber Photo: Michael Larsen

Last week we gave you Jennifer Aniston's workout. This week we take a deeper look into what helped her transform beyond the physical during one of the hardest times in her life:

Jennifer Aniston credits one woman with her total mind-body transformation (and abs-olutely amazing abs): Mandy Ingber, the go-to guru of good health for the celebrity set. Mandy introduced Jennifer to her stretch-and-toning hybrid, Yogalosophy, shortly after Jen’s divorce hit the headlines in 2005. We chatted with the celebrity trainer about her best tips for transforming your body and health:

1. Show up. "Put yourself into action. Every time I push myself to exercise, or to do something I'm afraid of, it changes my whole mindset for the better."

2. 30 is the magic number. "My theory is do 30 minutes of some kind of cardio at least five times a week. Walking counts. Our bodies are meant to be used, and we should feel tired at the end of each day."

3. Stick with it. "Consistency is key. Make exercise a daily routine. You wouldn't think of leaving the house without brushing your teeth. Think about exercise like that. It's self-care. Paying attention to your body is an amazing gift you can give yourself."

4. Say what you want. "Remind yourself you're getting fit and toned while you work out. One study shows the benefits of saying your intentions out loud. A staff of cleaning ladies tidied the same amount of rooms for the same length of time. Half were told how many calories they would burn and what a great workout they were getting. They lost more weight than the group who weren't told about those health benefits."


5. Go easy on yourself. "It's tougher to see the positive instead of picking out your flaws. But I'm a firm believer: You can't think yourself into the right action, but you can act yourself into the right thinking. When you start doing something good, you exercise who you want to be; you body gets it, and it will begin to change."

6. Eat with awareness. "I'm always exercising consciousness around making good food choices. Eliminate certain foods, like refined sugars and processed foods (especially bread and baked goods). Drink 3 L of water a day. And try to eat more vegetables than fruits."

7. Think greener. "The darker the green, the greater the nutrients. Every day I drink a green juice (kale, spinach, celery, ginger and lemon) and eat salads with salmon, avocado and chopped-up pecans."

Yogalosophy DVD cover

To hear more from Mandy Ingber and try out her full workouts, check out Yogalosophy, with a special introduction from Jennifer Aniston. DVD, $15, Gaiam.


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