Five quick smoothie recipes for happy, healthy and efficient mornings

Save time during your morning routine with these easy to make, nutrient-rich smoothie recipes
By Robyn Shanks
Woman making a smoothie Getty Images

Mornings are hard. Add dropping temperatures and increasingly busy lifestyles into the equation and we’ve barely got the energy to brush our hair let alone think about making a wholesome breakfast. When you’re tight on time, energy and motivation, making yourself a smoothie is a great way to save precious time amid the morning chaos.

Read on for five of our favourite recipes to see which one is right for you: 1. You need to eat more greens Adding kale, spinach, chard, sprouts, cucumber, or a teaspoon of greens powder to your smoothie in order to up your veggie count for the day (and before 9 a.m. no less). This green pear smoothie has a handful of spinach which is not only great for your digestive tract, but spinach has also been shown to help with relaxation. Buy it in bulk and store it in the freezer for a cost-effective addition to any recipe.

2. You’re starving an hour after getting to work We’re huge proponents for eating your fruits and veggies, but without protein your hunger will only be satiated for so long. Whey protein has shown to keep insulin levels in check and whether you’re opting for a vegan version, or one that’s dairy free, there’s a number of powders on the market that pack a huge protein punch without the unwanted calories. Find out how to make your perfect protein-rich smoothie here.

3. You need a brain boost Whether you’re groggy in the morning, or need to power-up for an early morning meeting, blueberries have been shown to improve cognitive function. Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals, smoothies made with berries (raspberries and strawberries apply here too!) can make you look and feel younger too! This blueberry smoothie is paired with walnuts which contain essential fatty acids to help you forget less and stay sharp all day long.

4. You’re on a low-calorie diet Coming in at less than 150 calories per serving, our test kitchen’s papaya smoothie is perfect if you’re trying to lose weight. Rich in calcium and protein (thanks to the yogurt) this smoothie also works to aid digestion thanks to papaya’s known digestive enzymes. Avoid the store-bought versions of this smoothie which can come in at more than 500 calories per serving!

5. You want to be more alkaline If you find yourself lethargic, moody, in poor health or feeling toxic, your body may be in an acidic state. Our body’s healthy pH (potential hydrogen) level is seven so anything above or below this is going to have huge effects on your body and health. Eating breakfast every day is one of the main recommendations when it comes to rebalancing your body’s pH, and this alkalizing smoothie is the perfect combination. Full of fruit and greens, this recipe will help counteract the effects of stress, alcohol consumption, and poor sleeping habits which often lead to high acid levels.


What's your favourite smoothie recipe? Share it with us below.


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